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Search Engines: Search Engine Optimization Link Baiting Search Engine Optimization Approaches

December 18, 2010  by: Rachana Mishra  Points: 10   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 780

Link baiting is one of the most generally used search engine optimization strategies. This is because when correctly completed right, it can create a substantial quantity of links that point back to a web site from various places in the internet. Websites thrive on backlinks.


Link baiting is one of the most generally used search engine optimization strategies. This is because when correctly completed right, it can create a substantial quantity of links that point back to a web site from various places in the internet. Websites thrive on backlinks . Backlinks are one of the ways where search engines establish the most relevant website regarding a specified subject matter or niche. The more links pointing back to the web page from different places online, the higher the status the website gets in the search engine results page. This is why lots of websites employ a variety of SEO strategies to create as many links as viable to a internet site. Link baiting is more of an art rather than a science. What it does is that it tries to get as many visitors to a website to share a link to the web page to the visitor's social circle. These SEO "link baits" as they are called can moreover be an inciting article, an entertaining or funny portrait, a comedic video or a very instructive animation.

Once a site visitor reacts to the link bait and feels compelled to share the site to some others by posting the link back to the site on social network, social bookmarking sites, forums, blogs and the like, the link bait is successful. The reaction of the visitor does not have to be certain at all, successful link bait only cares that the visitor has a reaction. A reaction strong enough to essentially make the person share the link to others is satisfactory enough. Link baits are in essence completed in order to draw out a reply from web site visitors. This is why regardless of whether it is to provoke anger, criticism, pleasure, laughter or pleasure, the link bait makes sure that the provoked reaction is strong enough to make site visitors share the link to others.

This is why web site content creators put into practice various methods to bait visitors towards linking the site. Methods comprise writing content pieces that are opposing to accepted opinion, developing humorous video clips or even resourceful movies or animations that site visitors would feel compelled to share with other people. There area lot of videos that started out as easy link baits that in the end became viral just for its quality and entertainment values. The more people saw the video and liked it, the more links were shared to others which sooner or later led to thousands of links back to the site. A internet site that has a lot of link backs will more often than not be the one that has the top spot in the search engine results page. The search engine will look at the links as the measure of the bearing and influence of a internet site and will assign it the apt position on the results page.


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