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90 Minutes Challenge for De-cluttering and Cleaning your Home

December 21, 2010  by: writerslist  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 819

Quick steps for de-cluttering your home easily and effectively.


Clutter is an inseparable part of each and every home. Anyone would find it difficult to find a house where clutter is not at all present even in the store or attic. De-cluttering is not as hard as it may seem. But it would definitely take some time to settle and arrange everything properly.

Everyone wants their home to be free of clutter and spotless. Especially this holiday season, when guests and relatives comes around your home it would be good if you can maintain a clean and neat atmosphere. Here are few simple steps for de-cluttering a messy space within a short span of time. Either one can divide the time and spread it in two days or more, as you like it. Because there are people who find it difficult to even see themselves working for more than half an hour.

There will be a clutter prone spaces in every home. It may be the laundry room or dining table or top of the refrigerator or a foyer in drawing room. Every member at home happens to dump something or the other in these clutter-prone areas often.

1. First step is to identify and choose such areas in your home and sort them out. Say, in 30 minutes you will be able to clear it up if you utilize the time. Organize your materials properly while de-cluttering so that you don't lose anything important. Maintain the bills or any other important docs in a folder and throw away all the unwanted stuff. If there are dried clothes to be folded, then fold them and keep in respective wardrobes.

2. Another important area which requires cleaning on regular basis is kitchen space. The amount of effort that has to be made to keep a kitchen up and running can never be pre-determined. 30 minutes can be applied here also in washing the dishes, wiping the kitchen counters and tidying up the racks.

3. The rest of the 30 minutes can be spend in doing a clean sweep of the entire house. A quick and clean sweep would help in keeping the house dust-free and attractive when your guest comes in. When you notice any un-attended point which needs to be cleared, sort them along with it.

Once when you finish cleaning up your rooms, you will definitely feel a self-pride of having a clean and attractive homely space. This will also make you charged and will fill more energy within you.

Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 12/23/2010    Points:3    

Very nice article.Keeping home clean in 90minutes is an awesome way which you have explained properly. If we are able to get our home clean every day within 30minutes we will be able to save lot of time and whenever any guests will visit our home they will think how much time you spend for cleaning the home and when he will know that only in 30minutes you cleaned the home he will only like to know the technique.
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 12/25/2010    Points:8    

Hello Writerslist, you wrote this article in your simple free flowing way of writing, which was good to read, I'd hope the cleaning to be that simple, but it is certainly not. Lots of factors work in tandem to make it otherwise and it varies from house to house and from apartment to apartment. But certainly one thing can be said for sure: if all the members (that includes a spoilt brat, who needs to be taught not to spray things around) living in the house or apartment together makes a concerted effort to keep the house as clean as possible, then it'd not require much time to get rid of clutter, else forget 90, 900 minutes wouldn't be enough.
Cleanliness is a good habit that needs to be maintained on a regular basis, not to show your friends and relatives, but for your personal need and convenience. I have found it out by myself that if I keep the things in order, then it saves a lot of time, as time is not wasted on searching things like important documents and certificates. If you read the stories of 'Uncle Podger' by 'Jerome K. Jerome' then you'd know how messy just some people are and not only them but they drive other people nuts as well...lol...
Great style of writing, keep it up!

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