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First Time The Reason Of Creation And Expansion Of Black Holes Is Discovered

January 02, 2011  by: RITURAJ BANERJEE  Points: 15   Category: Space  Earning $0.75   Views: 861

The black holes are a wonder of the universe and its' activities still remain very much mysterious and enigmatic.There are very few(almost none)of galaxies which do not possess some massive sized black holes.The actual properties and characteristics of those black holes are still not completely discovered.The recent study sheds some light on its growth and developments


As a prelude to this topic,we should have a primary idea about what is called a Black Hole and how does it form . The word "BLACK " bearing itself the passive meaning which denotes the darkness of mystery because the scientists still remain in dark in some areas of it's property which yet to be revealed till now.The black hole is formed actually by enormous amount of compressed mass(might be transformed from a dead star)which is very dreadful and might be very dangerous to each and every moving objects nearby it's peripheries.Because a black hole has excessively high level of gravitational force which, even can not be escaped by light.So, the astronauts deliberately avoid the areas of the space where a black hole may exist.As it attracts inward everything including light with tremendous gravitational force,the black hole has a "no return zone" around its surface and the light also falls and absorbed completely inside it without being reflected a little bit of it to reach on our eyes.So, everything is seen black .

The Milky Way galaxy , where our solar system and the earth belongs to, also possesses some huge size of black holes starting from one million to ten billion times bigger than the sun.As it remains totally black and invisible without reflecting any light from it's body, it is hard to detect a black hole in space and only it's position and existence can be anticipated and concluded by observing lateral movements of some other objects of it's surroundings like the change of orbital velocity of nearby stars and the emission of radiation caused by the gas hitting on a black hole from an adjacent star.


The scientists now have found out a link with the effect of gas falling on the interior part of a black hole and as a result, the huge radiation emitted from it's surface which may enhance it's development - said Dr. Hagai Netzer,professor of Tel Aviv University and the leading astronomer of this research group which also included another scientist and one of his talented students Benny Trakhtenbort .The study establishes the fact and determined the exact time of the first formation of black hole happened when the universe was at the age of merely 1.2 billion years. This inference has revoked the previous idea which said that it occurred not earlier than minimum three or four billion years ago. Dr. Netzer also mentioned that those black holes formed that time are developing very rapidly. The study is brand new and yet to come in printed form but soon will be published on a magazine called Astrophysical Journal .

The research has been performed from an observatory of Mauna Kea, Hawaii with the help of some powerful ground telescopes - this is actually a series of those telescopes which have the capacity to perform the critical tasks of observation in a very précise manner. Analyzing the information received from those telescopes the scientists came to the conclusion that the black holes were most likely to exist 1.2 billion year ago,however much smaller than that found created on later age but it's spreading in a rapid pace more quickly than the others. The scientists think that the very first black holes created around 1.2 billion years ago might be related to stars, also created that time. The span of the growth period of those early black holes is also measured accurately by those telescopes which is approximately 150 million years.

This prolonged study lasted for seven years which was conducted and jointly collaborated with Tel Aviv University and North Texas University , will help to put forward the next generation's study on the evolution and development of universe which is closely related with the black hole's evolution .

Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 01/03/2011    Points:2    

Yeah, I see a feature documentaries over NGC & Discovery Channel about black holes. It really fascinates me. Not to mention those black holes on science fiction movies like star trek. They are maybe fiction today, but they may be true tomorrow.

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