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How Listening is Important for effective communication:?

June 21, 2010  by: winindia  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1764

Listening is one of the most important of communication


Listening is the most powerful tool of communication. Listening is the first step to comprehension.

Listening,in simple words,refers to hearing the communication with attention. People often equate listening to hearing. The two,however,do not mean the same. Hearing is the physiological sensory process by which auditory sensations are received by the ears and are transmitted to the brain. Listening ,however is a more complex psychological procedure that involves interpreting and understanding the significance of the sensory experience.

According to some surveys,people spend about 80 percent of our waking time communication with others. 30 percent of our communication involves talking,while listening is said to involve 45 percent. Although our listening skills are taken for granted,the quality of all our relationships and effectiveness at work hinges on our ability to listen.

Listening not only to the words but also to the speaker's pitch,gives an insight in to what the speaker intends.

Bob Conklin, a master in training philosophy and training methods said"people do not care how much you know,but they know how much you care by the way you listen".

Therefore you should remember to:

Listen to what is said and lef unsaid. Listen carefully to the words explicity stated and also,pay attention to what is unstated but implied by the speaker. The explict words and the implict meaning put together convey the actual message of what the speker's intent.

Notice the tone of voice.

The tone of the voice is an important indicator to the meaning of the communication being shared.

Notice any body language signals,sometimes the speaker may convey the unintended message . however,body language may reveal the real intent of the speaker.

Ask for clarrification. When you have a doubt,recheck with the speaker.


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