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Recession and its effects on Indian economy

June 22, 2010  by: World  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $1.10   Views: 1654

The article provides information about recession and its effects on Indian economy.


The Indian Economy has gained momentum with the passage of time. Although few months earlier India was facing many problems due to recession, the effects of which we have seen in the past on the information technology sector where there are so many unemployed students, as they are not getting jobs and placements because of the recession.

The effects of recession on the Indian Economy are following -

The recession when occurs tighten the growth and development of the stock market by tightening the Indian economy.

Jobless and Unemployed Students

- When there is a slightly increase in the unemployment level and jobless persons living in the society then definitely we can judge that is a period of recession. This is really bad for the Indian economy as resists the National growth of country.

Inflation of products and services

- when the prices of production or manufacturing of goods and services along with various commodities are increased and the fossil fuels, petroleum also gaining flames then it will automatically resists growth of various industrial sectors.

Decrease in prices of stocks

- As mentioned above recession has big impact on the Indian economy. Therefore, the price of various stocks associated with the field where the recession has take place has decreased.

Decrease in prices of property

- It also decreases the price of property because due to lack on financial funds or capital funds no one is interested in purchasing any additional property or any other agricultural land.

Decrease in GDP

- As GDP means Gross Domestic Production. It is associated with the development and production of various products and services in various sectors.

High supply and Low demand

- with the recession, there is random decrease in the demand of an particular product as the supply is increasing at a rapid rate. This is really bad for the point view of entrepreneur as it will make high loss of an industry or a company.

Fall of companies

- The sales of majority of company decreases which in turn decrease their profit statistics as compare to the previous years and finally lead to the fall of the company.

No vacancies for fresher

- The pass outs from various colleges or universities are not getting jobs as jobs are given on the basis of experience, therefore fresher don't have a job for them. For example - In 2009 when the information technology sector is declining there is also a decrease in job vaccines which leads the more unemployment.

Debit their savings

- When the people debited their savings or the investments in order to fulfill their day to day needs and requirements then they definitely matured their saving funds.

Kept under debt

- The lower sections of society who have taken loans or other financial fund from any organization will have in trouble. The survival for them is very difficult as they have a miserable condition.

Decline in Electronic medium

- The more and more people avoid using credit cards or debit cards as they have no more cash to pay their money. Moreover, if they have no cash how could they pay interest on that money?


- It will increase trouble and worry for the people living in society because they have less finance for entertainment.

Author: rajeshfgh        
Posted Date: 06/13/2011    Points:3    

A well-documented and well written article with good flow. Indeed, the recession has taken its toll on the world, but India has shown her resilience and due credit must go to the RBI for its monetary policies. Last but not the least credit must also go to every Indian who has been taught from childhood to save money which has indeed helped India tide over the tough times.

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