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Passive smoking can cause hearing loss

January 09, 2011  by: Rocky  Points: 5   Category: Others    Views: 707

As reported by BBC, according to American scientists passive smokers at risk of partial or total hearing loss. Certain studies have confirmed that while passive smoking increases the risk.


Early has already been proven that active smoking during blood circulation in the vessels of the inner ear, which negatively affects hearing. Scientists decided to test as to whether the same effect on ear passive smoking. The studies were conducted as follows:

Was tested hearing 3307 people who were nonsmokers at the time of the study. Some of them were smoking, but abandoned, others had never touched a cigarette.

It was further revealed the extent of passive smoking by detecting the blood concentrations of nicotine metabolina. Studies have found that passive smoking also affects the human ear, increasing the risk of partial or total loss.

According to the head of research David Febri impossible to clearly define the minimum dose of tobacco smoke to be a threat to the ear. This threshold is very low.


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