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12 way of a good traffic to your website.

June 22, 2010  by: TooHow  Points: 25   Category: Web design  Earning $0.65   Views: 2037

When I wrote the first post for my blog I noticed that people dare not be back on my blog over One or two pages I am clueless why it happened. I reviewed the contents of the page I have written online and ask friends to review the post.


W hen I wrote the first post for my blog I noticed that people dare not be back on my blog over One or two pages I am clueless why it happened. I reviewed the contents of the page I have written online and ask friends to review the post.

My opinion about The contents of my article was great. Everyone said that the content interesting. With simple language. But they said to one point. Important that they not be used to read my page for a long time and they Can not make recommendations on all pages I have written I double check with them why those things happen. And found that although the content. D Craig every model will not fit other

So I can take tips from friends on what they want and how the content should display format that they like, etc. I edit a page at the format well and check the statistics of the time. used by people. Use on my site. It is amazing. I can edit pages. With the appropriate format has been very responsive compared to web pages. I wrote earlier.

What happened? Content is the same. Same site. The only thing I would change. Format which resulted in a multi-fold increase in time spent by users on my page is one of my experiences. Shows the importance of a good format of the articles you write. So following are some The advice I got from readers of my article.

1. A model always bold keywords. Most relevant in the style of your posts. Most read articles such as Other business software technology will have little patience to read all They are always looking for keywords. They are interested and they will jump to the content. For all posts in the form. Similarly, without a focus on data that are interested in, they will not be. Eager to read the post above.

Space is divided into two paragraphs long size Small with the proper spacing between each paragraph. Short paragraphs look good and interesting. More reading your posts. Provides a good amount of the term. Between each paragraph gives less stress their eyes while reading the content.

3. shot to number / list of points you made in your article that will make them happy reading. Point line will also pull Attracted most of the people than a paragraph long. Gave good gap. Between the points so that the contents will not see each placenta.

4. Use standard fonts that good. Visual Font type in the appropriate color; These are the most important factor of any articles. They can create content. See also the beautiful ugly, depending on whether you use them. It is always better organized than to use a font size 2-3 / on the same page. Trying to reduce the number of characters in While the size of fonts. Font color should match the pattern / template and feel of your site. They should not make the content. You see too much of luxury that will not make page interest.

5. tools such as Microsoft Word / Open Office Word, etc., writing and posting content to your site if possible. If this should go to your website. The content model directly. Other HTML code to format your content and then paste it into your website if your site to enter HTML if you use a blog site like Blogger, Wordpress, etc., then this is not an issue.

6. do not use short forms of words, sentences / etc btw as they may not understand your visitors to your site. These words can not. Understanding search engine and they will be ignored. It will make traffic less in Your site.

7. Check the spelling errors. Content before publishing, not only form but also the correct spelling is important to get good traffic to your site if you do not check spelling before Distribution of opportunities is another spelling mistake. And search engines do not like. Of such errors and you may loose traffic keywords that are misspelled some If you use a tool like Word, this is a simplified tool such as spelling Checkers / Automatic correct spelling errors. At least they will be displayed in color. Red with an error.

8. If you are a Software Engineer and want to post some of Source Code in your blog, always check the contents after the two have been released. There are several good chances. Less than symbol followed by the words that are treated as tags and your content will not Displayed correctly. Another thing is your Enter the code

Tag would look good in front of you.

.TAGS appropriate use and privileges of the article you are posting, if such a feature. They are attracted to the. Quickly by searching and posting you can get a good ranking in search results up Is what you use keywords in the tag and file name.

10. and the actual content. Is at the heart of the site. You create a good number of page views and increase the time spent by. Use your Often focus on what content you are posting should appeal to intended audiences. Content should be more descriptive and At the same time not deviating what topics you want to present. Try to give an example in Circumstances apply. If possible, give examples. Your actual experience etc.

11. After writing your article. Read it again and you know all the best mistakes in your article and You will have the opportunity to modify them.

12. Seek feedback from the friends to help you to publish material of interest not only to you. But also others Your view may not match the view, but if you consider other people's views in this article, you will surely become a success. The received opinion. You will not benefit from recommendations only. But your site is popular band in your friends. If they like to see them. Your site to friends and make more traffic.

To share ideas and View that will not only give you knowledge, but others to learn and get your feedback.

Author: karthik        
Posted Date: 06/22/2010    Points:2    

that true
Author: Rakesh        
Posted Date: 06/22/2010    Points:2    

Good one. You mentioned lot but why didn't used rich text format here ?
Author: TooHow        
Posted Date: 06/22/2010    Points:2    

@rakesh , what is the problem if i use rich text.....friend please say
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 04/30/2011    Points:1    

Right said TooHow, good formating plays a very important in article writing.
Author: thilaka12        
Posted Date: 11/27/2012    Points:6    

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