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How to Overcome Your Negative Outlook of Life

January 26, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.60   Views: 1529

Simply understanding some of the major reasons why people ultimately fail at achieving their desired results should help you avoid putting yourself in these situations.


To achieve a successful life, one has to develop action plans to achieve them. But beware of the common pitfalls that keep some people from successfully completing whatever it is that their action plan spells out. These common pitfalls include:

You Don't Know What To Do First. Most people have many goals. When they start creating action plans for each of their goals, they quickly become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tasks ahead and find themselves feeling discouraged. Choosing priorities and pursuing what are important first, and then breaking up large goals into smaller ones will help eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed. Defining your priorities and what's important to you (and why) will help you decide what do to first.

You Feel Unworthy. Some people work incredibly hard to achieve their goals, only to find that once they achieve success, they feel it isn't deserved. A feeling of guilt sets in that results in a lack of motivation to pursue future goals and objectives. Instead of simply choosing random goals to pursue, select goals that have value to you, in which the outcome will be meaningful on a personal and/or professional level. If you work hard to achieve something that is important to you on a deeply personal or professional level, you'll certainly feel the successful outcome is deserved once you achieve it.

Laziness. There's really no excuse for laziness. If you want to get anything done in life, you need to face the challenges head-on and pursue the results you desire. One way to overcome laziness is to prepare a carefully defined action plan and schedule, then develop a system of rewarding yourself for reaching pre-defined milestones.

Procrastination. You know something is important, but you lack the motivation to work toward achieving your desired result. Instead, you choose to do something that offers more instant gratification or pleasure, but that doesn't help you obtain whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Because you lack the urgency to do anything, what are actually important winds up getting pushed back or delayed. By delaying important tasks, you'll ultimately be forced to work under much greater pressure to meet deadlines. While some people thrive under pressure, most people can eliminate the urge to procrastinate by discovering better ways to keep themselves motivated. Knowing what you're trying to achieve, what the desired result is, why the result is important to you personally, and putting a personal value on that result will help create a greater sense of urgency. Taking these actions should reduce your urge to procrastinate.

Lack of Patience. Many people want instant gratification and aren't willing to be patient and take the necessary steps toward achieving success. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people fail to achieve their desired results after defining their goals and creating the appropriate action plans. Anything that is truly important and has value isn't going to be achieved quickly. Long-terms goals, by definition, take time, planning and hard work to achieve. Developing the mind set that you'll need to work hard over an extended period of time to achieve a desired result is critical for success. Setting mini-goals and a reward system for reaching milestones as you pursue long-term goals will help you to experience gratification faster than if you had to wait until an entire long-term goal is achieved.

The Fear of Failure. If you're afraid to fail and that fear keeps you from pursuing your goals, you're destined to fail. Once you determine you're being held back by your fear, whether it's a reasonable fear or not, it should be dealt with head-on and eliminated (or at least kept under control).

By developing action plans that have contingency plans built in along with a carefully thought-out schedule will keep you focused and keep your forward momentum going as you pursue your goals and objectives.

Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 01/27/2011    Points:1    

Overcoming negativeness is not easy.One should try to be positive in every situation as being negative can spoil life and relationships.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 03/05/2011    Points:5    

Great points covered in this article.One has to consciously develop a positive attitude towards life right from the beginning. I feel that instilling a certain amount of discipline in life is always good. This helps us in developing regular habits which is half the battle won.Mentally too one becomes stronger in dealing with stress or any other failures in life. One is human and we are bound to get affected by all the adversities that come with our interactions and other situations in life. It is imperative that we face them and come out of these situations stronger, having learnt from them and become a little wiser!
Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 03/18/2011    Points:2    

Thanks for your comment. Really is a positive one. i thankful that members here in EK are commenting in a very positive way. Its a great motivation for all the members wanting to post more article here.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 11/27/2011    Points:1    

Right said joeldgreat, discipline in maintaining above points helps a lot in avoiding stress in life.

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