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Healthy Post Pregnancy Diet Plan for Indian Women and New Mothers

January 29, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 10496

Doctors say 'no diet restriction' during post pregnancy but always avoid foods that cause gas and discomfort to the mother and baby. Here are a few tips.


Pregnancy brings tremendous changes in a woman's life. For the couple too, things can seem quite stressful with the newborn baby in home. Without the support of elderly parents or relatives, things might seem worse too. However, another aspect of post pregnancy is the diet restriction and confinement.

Today, doctors advice the new mothers to eat anything they can digest. Hence, the doctors do not mention about any diet restrictions. However, if the mother is nursing her baby and breastfeeding, then it can be little tough. There is a lot of confusion especially if you are a new mother and an Indian too. Here are a few tips for post pregnancy diet that can help new mothers who follow an Indian diet.

Post Pregnancy and Diet Plan Vegetables

As our elders say, during the first two or three months after pregnancy, both mother and child need time to recuperate. If mother is nursing and feeding the newborn baby, she needs to be extra careful. The mother's diet has direct effect on the newborn baby's digestion too.

Hence, in post pregnancy, during breastfeeding, mother needs to avoid foods that cause gas and harm the baby. Hence, avoid all forms of legumes, beans, okra or bhendi, eggplant or brinjal, root vegetables and onions. Instead, have all kinds of gourds after boiling in a pressure cooker and later fry in Indian butter or ghee.

You can consume all kinds of gourds like ridge gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd and bitter gourd. You need to boil all these vegetables and fry them in a pan using two tablespoons of ghee or Indian butter. Some people may think that bitter gourd makes the mother's milk bitter. This is not the case. Boiled bitter gourd is not a gassy food and does not cause any tummy ache for the newborn baby.

Consuming Milk and Dairy in Post Pregnancy Indian Diet

You can consume two to three glasses of milk in your post pregnancy diet. If interested, you can consume reduced fat milk instead of full fat milk. This helps you keep a control on the calories consumed after pregnancy. You can also include buttermilk and yogurt without any restriction. Again, you may like to use Greek yogurt or the low fat yogurt. Avoid sour cream and cheese.

You may feel that cheese has higher protein and would be good after pregnancy. However, cheese falls under the gassy foods category. Hence, you may want to wait at least three months after pregnancy to have cheese with bread or even a cheese fondue.

Leafy Vegetables in Post Pregnancy Diet for Indian Women

Well, our elders say not to eat leafy vegetables in the first two months of pregnancy. However, I was helping a relative in the first month of her post pregnancy. I have made boiled spinach with lentils and methi or fenugreek leaves with lentils and bread or roti. She has had absolutely no problem in digesting them. Even the baby was gaining healthy weight without looking obese.

However, in the first ten days of post pregnancy, stick to eating boiled ridge gourd, bottle gourd and ivy gourd or tindora. You can have brown bread with hot milk as your evening snack. It is also good to eat pancakes made of ground urad dal or black gram.

Lentils in Post Pregnancy Diet Plan for Indian Women

Can you have lentils after pregnancy? Well, you can have black gram or urad dal pancakes or dosa. In addition to it, you can include toor dal or pigeon after two weeks of post partum or post pregnancy. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid sprouts, legumes, chickpeas, garbanzo beans until three months of post pregnancy.

You may like to have fenugreek or methi and spinach parathas or Indian bread for snack or dinner. Avoid brown rice and eat white rice at least three months after pregnancy. You body will not be able to digest brown rice and whole grain bread during the initial post pregnancy diet.

Use less salt and avoid spices as much as possible. It is also advisable that you use pepper powder for seasoning instead of chili powder. Cumin and fenugreek or methi seeds are very beneficial for the mother and newborn baby. Always avoid serving leftover food or refrigerated food and water to the new mother. Drink lots of fluids like warm water and vitamin water to keep your body well hydrated.

These tips help you maintain a healthy post pregnancy diet and allow you to get back in shape without adding the unwanted calories and fat. After the first four months, you can also incorporate simple exercises like walking, brisk walking, and lifting lightweights as your doctor recommends. This helps you keep fit and reduces the risk of post partum depression.

Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 01/30/2011    Points:2    

Vitamin supplements, don't forget to take them. As one cannot eat all that healthy diet, then one should go for the alternative. And thats taking food supplements. be sure that your OB is aware of what you were taking.
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 01/31/2011    Points:4    

Yes, it is essential to have vitamin supplements. I recommend eating lot of berries and drinking organic vitamin water. Blueberry and strawberry fruits are very tasty and good for health. It is totally safe to consume them during postpartum too.
We use a lot of sesame and sesame powder, pepper powder and cumin which is highly beneficial for the new mother and newborn baby. Garlic and ginger are a must in the postpartum diet too.
Moreover, lentils can cause some gas to the newborn if cooked in a liquid form. The new mother should be given lentils made in a thicker consistency.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 05/03/2011    Points:1    

Good dietary advice RS, on post pregnancy diet plan for women.

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