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Precautionary Measures Before, During and After a Typhoon

February 04, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 12   Category: General Science  Earning $0.25   Views: 17389

What we can do in preparation before a typhoon hits your area.


The word "typhoon" is probably borrowed from the Chinese. The Cantonese words "tai fung", which mean "a great wind", are from the terms "tu" which mean "big" and "feng" which means "wind". These are the names given to violent cyclonic storms in China Sea.

Typhoons can destroy properties and lives. It is necessary and wise to prepare for emergencies in order for us to feel secure and safe. Below are some of the precautionary measures we can do before, during and after a typhoon.

Before A Typhoon

1. Check and fix your house for any damage so that it will withstand strong winds.
2. Stock up an adequate supply of food.
3. Prepare flashlights, batteries, candles, and kerosene lamps.
4. Have a first-aid kit with enough medical supplies.
5. Keep a radio to tune in to news even when there is no electricity.
6. Check and clean your community drainage systems to prevent flood.
7. Check your electric posts to prevent accidents.

During Typhoon

When a typhoon comes, it is essential that you stay calm and you must know what to do.
1. Stay indoors. Postpone any travel.
2. Always tune in to the latest weather report. Check what is happening in your surroundings.
3. Heed the advice of the local authorities if they ask you to evacuate your area.

After a Typhoon

When the typhoon is over, there are still things that we should do.
1. Have a knowledgeable person to inspect electrical connections before using electrical appliances.
2. Check your house for damage and make necessary repairs at once.
3. Boil water before drinking it to avoid diseases.


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