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Benefits of Patio Solar Shades and Window Solar Screens

February 18, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 724

This article briefly describes all about patio solar shades and window solar screens.


Patio Solar shades are contemporary fashion statements today. Patios and sit-out areas in homes are the most used for relaxing after a tiring day or to enjoy the outdoor view on a good weather. As per various studies, over 40 percent of heat loss happens only from homes. Homes without proper shade can cause over heat in summer and heat loss in winter. This can make you pay high utility bills. You can consider to keep the home energy efficient by using Patio Solar Shades or Solar Window Screens as a cost effective option. It also reduces your carbon footprint on the earth.

Solar Window Screens and Patio Solar Shades can prevent the homes from overheating in summer. Many homes with patios can use Patio Solar Shades available in the market in various colors and sizes to cover their patio sitting areas. All solar shades are available in various kinds of materials like polyester, fiberglass and polyvinyl chloride. These effectively help in reflecting the sun's rays and are very easy to maintain.

Usually people prefer patios and outdoor sit-out areas in homes for a grill, family picnic or to throw a party. In such cases, using Patio Solar Shades and solar window shades can keep away the hassle of pests, insects and mosquitoes. Strong and sturdy, solar shades and good brands of patio shades can resist strong winds, inclement weather and sudden heavy rainfall. You can enjoy sitting in the patio despite rough weather conditions.

Over exposure to sunlight in homes lead to fading of blinds, rugs, carpets and other furniture. Some amount of sunlight everyday is good for homes. However, over exposure to UV rays of the sun can also be harmful. They can cause bleaching of the household furnishings and items when exposed to sunlight every day. Patio Solar Shades and window solar shades can also prevent dust particles from entering the home. This keeps the house clean and hygienic at all times.

By setting up Patio Solar Shades and window solar screens, you can increase your privacy. You can have a perfect outdoor view while no one can see you from outside. Thus, keeping your privacy in mind, the solar shades block the excess sun light but not the view. Excessive glare of the sun can be blocked using these solar blinds and shades.

There are several options to be considered when buying Patio Solar Shades and window sun screen shades with solar elements. One can choose from various color combination, sizes and shapes as per requirement. Moreover, there are motorized shades and permanent fixture models for solar shades. Patio Solar Shades with sensors are contemporary designs that automatically go up and down depending on the sunlight outdoors. When the sun rises, these blinds shade the patio and go up when the sun sets in the evening.

Almost all brands of sunscreens, shades, solar blinds and shades are long lasting and knitted. This prevents wear and tear for longer duration. There is up to five-year warranty given on various brands of Patio solar shades and other solar shades. Brands like Buyriteblinds, Pacific Shades, saveushades, blinds.com and others provide lot of information online for best prices and features. Other places to check out for Solar shades would be websites like Walmart, Target, nextag, Amazon, Macy's and similar sites can provide discounts on various solar shades and offer good deals.

When you are buying solar blinds, it is important to take time and review about the product's features, appearance and use. They should be easy to maintain, durable and sturdy to resist any weather condition. When you care for your patio solar shades and window shades, they return the favor by blocking the harmful UV rays and keep your homes cool and energy efficient.


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