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Google Penalty for Overstock on Spamming- Retailers beware of third party Spam links

February 24, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.75   Views: 1046

Use conflicting third party links and you are ready for Google's penalty. These days Google is turning a red eye towards spammers. This article tells you about the Overstock and Google issue and how to prevent your page rank from dipping.


First, it was the Google Chrome banning the content farms with low quality content or high keyword density. Later there was news about Ubermedia policy violations and Twitter banning it for using third party promotions. Now, the latest online buzz is about Overstock getting penalty for Google for using artificial methods to boost traffic to their websites.

Why Google Penalizes Overstock for edu links

Overstock was encouraging universities and educational institutions to post their links on Overstock website. For posting such links, Overstock provided discounts to students and faculty members for shopping on their site.

With such tactics, Overstock continued to top the search engine queries for home appliances and other products. Google earlier penalized JC Penny for manipulating the search engine for higher page rankings. Now, Overstock seems to be the culprit as per Google's search engine algorithm results. Hence, considering the posts as spam, Google queries and results now show Overstock in fifth or later pages. This reduces the possibility of users clicking on their links. Hence, there is lower revenue and less traffic.

Blogs Spam and Links

These days, Google seems to hate anything that remotely looks like spam. Even for Google mail users, if they send more mails per day, they cannot use their gmail for spam reasons. Hence, Google mail users can see their incoming mails but are unable to compose and send mails. Now, do not forget that Google ad-sense is actively posting ads on your gmail too.

These days, if you write your blog posts with too many repetitive keywords, you might be a bad boy under Google's scrutinizing eyes. Earlier, content writers used to post links, promote articles and use high keyword density while writing articles. Today, the same thing seems to be a kind of spamming.

Is Google trying to prevent spam? That might be a good idea but then; banning email accounts and content written by novice content writers seems to be discouraging. You wake up one fine morning only to see your gmail inactive, your blogs getting lower revenue; it might be an absurd thing.

How to prevent your Posts from getting Lower Page Ranks

Now you cannot use high keyword density since Google considers it as spam. Hence, you can try using latent indexing. Use synonyms of your keyword but focus more on the quality of your content. Repeat your keywords or synonyms only when needed. Keep your articles well informative, include unique information, point of view and do not simply re-write other author's work.

Try not to send out many links by posting your blog link everywhere. Confine article marketing to two or three websites. You might try posting it to not more than one social network website and one bookmarking site apart from your blog.

Try such tips to prevent your blog posts, articles and website content from getting a spanking by Google. Especially if you are using ad-sense , Google might not like spam of any kind. For quality content writers, this might not be a problem. Keep your sentences short, simple, include good information and you will surely get good traffic if you write interesting articles.


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