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The Strength in Unity

March 06, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.15   Views: 769

To build peace and unity among nations, we should start building peace within ourselves, this way we can bring peace and unity to others and can do better things. If we are peaceful, we can truly feel the presence of God.


Unity and Peace are Everyone's Dream

Unity is always the start of a harmonious relationship. It is when we are one with others and when we do and think what is good for others. When there is unity, there is peace and if the is peace, there is strength. Peace and unity are everyone's dream. But we can only achieve peace and unity if there is love and respect among us. To have peace and unity in the world, peace should start within us. We can do better and can bring peace to others if we have peace within ourselves. A peaceful person must be calm and humble, patient, relaxed and loving. He should also be ready to share and should be willing to listen to others.

Today, majority of all the nations is facing so many problems like terrorism, war between Muslims and Christians, bomb treats, crimes, poverty, drug abuse, educational deficiency, economic and environmental problems and other forms of injustices.

We can only solve these problems and achieve peace and unity if people will join together. People will extend help no matter how little this maybe. People will unite regardless of nationality, race or religious belief. People will pray together for lasting world peace. And people will not lose hope that they will achieve world peace. In each country, the beneficial affects that peace and unity gives us includes working in a harmonious relation with happiness and content. Conflicts and disagreements between religions will be lessened. People will live as one global society and will live equally.

World peace is also needed. And because countries are dependent on each other, they need to unite and cooperate with one another. Nations bond themselves and form organizations (such as United Nations) to help each other and solve problems. These organizations also protect and safeguard the relationship and interest among nations. Each nation promotes and tries to attain world peace and unity.


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