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Perfect Gift Ideas for Hospital Visit- Creative Gift Ideas for Hospital Patients

March 07, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.45   Views: 2721

When you visit patients or family member in a hospital, there are hospital gift shops to buy flowers, chocolates or gifts for the patients. These are good for last minute gift ideas. You can try being more creative and buy interesting gifts for hospital visits. Here are a few tips and ideas.


Buying presents and goodies for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions is a tough job. It is tougher to buy perfect gifts for hospital visits. When you visit patients or family member in a hospital, there are hospital gift shops to buy flowers, chocolates or gifts for the patients. These are good for last minute gift ideas. You can try being more creative and buy interesting gifts for hospital visits. Here are a few tips and ideas.

Gift Ideas for Hospital Visits

If your family member, friend or relative is recuperating in the hospital, you are likely to pay them a visit. Patients will be happy to receive a token of love and a gift that wishes them to get well soon. Depending on their health condition and recovery, you can choose gifts for them.

Many patients might be allergic to flowers and perfumes. Moreover, it is a traditional and routine gift idea to gift flowers and a get well soon card. Instead, you might want to buy some magazines and books for your hospitalized friend or relative. If they are kids, look for comics and storybooks while adults might like a novel or a magazine.

A patient suffering from a hand fracture or unable to read a book might like to try audio books. They can rent MP3 players or CD players to hear the audio books. Alternatively, a low cost MP3 player might be an interesting gift idea for hospital visit.

Gifts for Pregnant Women in Hospital

If you are visiting the hospital after your relative or friend delivered a baby, there a plenty of gift ideas for new mom and new parents. You can gift swaddling blankets, baby personal care items, digital photo frames, gift cards and more. If you are planning a visit before the childbirth, you might also gift calming oils, spa gift cards and hospital robes.

Such gifts will be useful and interesting too. Usually, people carry bouquets, flowers, chocolates and cards that are boring and uninteresting. Creative gift ideas show your personal attention and patients feel loved and cared for.

Budget for Hospital Gift Ideas

What should be the ideal budget for hospital gift ideas? There is no fixed budget for gifts. You can decide the price depending on your relation with the person in the hospital. If it is a close relative or friend, you are likely to spend more. For mere acquaintances, low budget gift ideas can be a good idea. For colleagues from work or school, you might want to buy gifts as a group.

Yet, there can be several low budget gift ideas for hospital visits. You can visit a dollar store or a thrift store. Even wholesale and retail outlets are an ideal place to shop for cost effective gifts. You can gift candies wrapped in a coffee mug, a soft toy with a travel mug or sipper, bathrobes, lip balm and creams, assortment of nuts, tea, coffee or chocolates along with a pair of soft slippers.

You can buy all such gifts for less than $20. Use the wrapping paper at home or make a basket by yourself. It adds a personal touch as well as saves money spent on additional packaging. Another good idea is to use an old glass vase, re-paint using glass colors and add handmade flowers. Artificial flowers are fragrance free and hence not allergic.

Such unusual hospital gift ideas are creative and show that you really care for the patient. Personalized gift ideas are also available online. You can order for low cost hospital gifts online and send it to your hospitalized friend or relative. Some online gift stores provide free shipping while others charge a minimal fee. Choose such online gift ideas if you are unable to pay a visit to the hospital in person. These hospital gift ideas can fit in your budget and seem creative.

Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 03/07/2011    Points:3    

Healthy fruits are abundant here in my country. And they very cheap too. I know flowers would be great and I see most of my friends make this as a present when visiting sick person in hospitals. But I still prefer to bring fruits than flowers.

If I cannot pay a visit, then the best present that I can give is a personal call to the person lying in the hospital. Nothing can comfort a person than nice words from all those who loved him or her.
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 03/08/2011    Points:1    

well said, fruits and phone calls can be a good idea. It is comforting for patients to know that they are being cared for.

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