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Car driving accident hazard during Autumn and Fall

March 09, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 12   Category: Autos  Earning $0.25   Views: 857

Here are my list of some tips to prevent accidents while driving in autumn and fall.


1. Foresight can help you navigate the autumnal pea soup

As the days get shorter, the accident rate soars. Some of the most frequent causes of accident are little or no safety distance on wet roads, reduced concentration and, most importantly, fog-hampered visibility. A lot can be done, though, to considerably reduce the risk of an accident. We have compiled a few tips for dealing with foggy weather:

. Adapt your driving speed to visibility in other words, if visibility is poor let up on the gas pedal.
. The safety distance to the vehicle in front of you should inversely correlate to your visibility range, more or less. This is the only way to make sure you'll have enough time to react if the car up ahead brakes suddenly.
. Switch on your dimmed headlights as soon as you notice a reduction in visibility. If a conspicuously large number of vehicles approaching you in the opposite lane have their lights on, it probably means that visibility is very likely worse up ahead.
. Use fog tail lights only for visibility under fifty meters. They tend to blind traffic behind you.
. Also use fog lights if visibility is poor.
. Concentrate on driving. Talking on the phone is a major distraction and should thus be avoided.
. Treat yourself to a break, even if you're in a hurry. It will help you concentrate better, especially when doing long hauls in foggy conditions.

2. Rear fog lights most deserving of your attention

Unlike front fog lights, which should be turned on as soon as visibility gets poorer, use of the rear fog lights is permitted only when visibility has been reduced to less than fifty meters. This is because the luminosity of the rear fog lights is thirty times more intense than that of the rear lights.

For visibility greater than fifty meters, the rear fog lights are very likely to blind motorists following along behind. The reflective guide poles along the motorway are a big help in estimating the visibility range. They are positioned at intervals of fifty meters. Nowadays rear fog lights are mandatory equipment on all vehicles. The lights themselves have been around since 1967. As late as 1970, 3000 accidents were due to poor visibility on account of fog. Twenty years later a federal agency for highway registered only 1457 such accidents.

3. Wet leaves and rain

Accident hazards in the fall. Many tree leaves are still clinging to the branches along the traffic routes, but with the first change in weather, foliage can turn into a major hazard on wet and slippery roads. Wet leaves and poor visibility during rainy weather are some of the most common causes of accidents.

So the first rule is to maintain a greater distance to the vehicle ahead. The rule of thumb "distance one half of speedometer reading" no longer applies for such weather conditions. If the vehicle is not equipped with ABS, extra care is required when applying the brake pedal. Should the wheels lock, release the brake briefly so that you can steer once again.

Caution on the road is advisable not only in the country but also in the city, where the car can start to skid when braking due to wet leaves that collect in the gutter. It is never too early to switch to winter tires when the weather turns messy.


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