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Safety Measures and Good Work Habits in the Kitchen

March 17, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.55   Views: 2222

Know the standards and safety measures in food preparation in the kitchen.


Standards of a good work habits in the kitchen

Food preparation is done mostly in the kitchen. Extra care should be taken to keep this room clean at all times. A well-planned and well-equipped kitchen is necessary to make food preparation easy and fast. Good work habits should be observed at all times.

When working in the kitchen, these standards must be observed.

1. Work quietly. This allows you to concentrate better in what you are doing. Too much talking can sometimes spread out bacteria coming from the saliva in your mouth, especially when one has a cold or a sore throat.

2. Wear cooking outfit. This protects your clothes from being soiled. A cooking outfit also gives a neat and attractive appearance.

3. Remove rings and bracelets and wash hands well. Rings and bracelets maybe carriers of bacteria just like the hands. These may contaminate the food. Sometimes, accidents may happen when a ring slips off your finger and gets mixed in the food.

4. Prepare all needed ingredients before working. Preparing all needed ingredients ahead of time saves the trouble of looking for them when you are already cooking. Sometimes, an ingredient is missed because the needed ingredient is not prepared and arranged in a tray before cooking.

5. Use as few utensils as possible. Some tools like knives, copping board, utility plates, strainer, ladle, turner, and other kitchen tools can be used and reused all over again while preparing and cooking. This is to avoid too many tools to use and to wash.

6. Keep your surroundings clean and neat. Always remember the motto, "Clean as you work, and clean as you go". Cleanliness should always be the first rule to keep in mind when working in the kitchen. This prevents the food from being contaminated with bacteria in the surrounding.

7. Do your work well and help others. Doing your work well avoids wastage of time and energy. It also assures a better-cooked meal. Helping others makes cooking enjoyable. It makes work easier and faster.

8. Use polite expressions at all time. They are expressions of respect for others. They show your upbringing and your character.

9. Keep the kitchen free from flies and other insects. You can do this by keeping the kitchen always clean, neat and orderly. Flies and insects are carriers of dirt and diseases.

10. Keep everything in its proper place after using. This is a motto everybody should follow. Looking for tools that are misplaced is a waste of time and energy.
Safety measures in the kitchen.

Here are some safety measures in preparing and cooking meals in the kitchen:

1. Wear an apron and wash you hands before starting to work. Always maintain good hygiene. It should start with you.

2. Use a holder to lift hot utensils. This avoids scalding. It also prevents accidents.

3. Use a spoon to taste food. Do not use the ladle or other member's spoon for tasting.

4. Never leave the kitchen while food is being cooked. There is danger of overcooking and starting a fire when left unattended.

5. Wash used dishes and utensils while waiting for food to cook. This saves time and allows you to accomplish more in a given period.

6. Keep cabinet doors closed to prevent accidents and rodents from entering it.


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