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How to Avoid Common Workout Mistakes

March 21, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1267

Health clubs and gyms have personal instructors and trainers to help their members in burning calories in the right way. Here are some common exercise mistakes that you make in the gym without knowing. Correct these wrong methods of exercise and you can optimize your weight loss goal.


We all wish to lose weight the easy way despite knowing that there is no simple method to lose weight. Health clubs and gyms have personal instructors and trainers to help their members in burning calories in the right way. Here are some common exercise mistakes that you make in the gym without knowing. Correct these wrong methods of exercise and you can optimize your weight loss goal.

Abdominal Crunches and Straining Neck Muscles

It is a common work out mistake to strain neck muscles while doing abdominal crunches and free weights. Maintain right posture while crunches to avoid injury during exercise. Avoid using your neck muscles to pull up while working on abdomen crunches and free weights. For beginners, sit-ups can seem to be uncomfortable. Use a support while performing sit-ups in the beginning. This prevents knee and leg injuries while sitting and getting up in the process.

Stretching before Cardio Workout

Stretching is vital before and after cardio workout. However, repeating the same boring stretches like sitting on the mat and touching toes can be monotonous. Moreover, you might also strain your spine with wrong bending exercises. Rather, you can try using the elliptical or treadmill on an easy setting and walk for five to eight minutes to stretch before cardio.

Light walking and using the elliptical or arc trainer in the easiest setting helps to loosen up and stretch well before using the higher resistance. You can get into the rhythm, set your favorite music and then begin the cardio after you are ready. This works better than the boring stretches on a mat and touching your feet.

Cardio Intensity and Fat Burning Mistakes

It is important to note that intensity, frequency and time determine fat burning and carbohydrate burning. Fitness experts and nutritionists talk about low intensity work out for burning fat and high intensity zone to burn the carbohydrates. Yet, after the workout, how do you manage a fat burning regime? The simple solution to this problem is burning the optimal calories and sweating.

As you sweat, the body releases toxins and stored fat. Have a goal of burning more calories while you workout. It can be tiring to use the exercise machines throughout the workout schedule. Hence, incorporate activities like swimming, water walking and aerobics. In fact, water aerobics can be a best way to burn fat and indulge in cardio workout simultaneously.

Energy Bars before Workout can be a Mistake

True, energy bars are low in calories but high in sugars. They take plenty of energy and time to digest. Hence, eating an energy or protein bar just before the workout can leave you drained out. Instead, you can opt for a power booster and fresh fruit smoothie with some protein powder. Eating a banana can also increase the energy levels in your body for the exercise.

Eating high potassium foods can keep you feeling full for long and provide you with enough energy to work out and burn more calories. You can choose to eat bananas, nuts, avocado or fruits with yogurt, eggs, cereal, oatmeal or flax seed prior to workout.

Remember not to exercise immediately after eating. Your body needs some energy to digest the food and release the energy for you to be active. Hence, eat before an hour or 45 minutes and then go to the gym.

Over indulgence in Food after Exercise

This is a common workout mistake committed by many. We tend to eat very little or even starve before exercise. As a result, we feel exhausted and have a growling tummy. At that point, it is easy to fall prey to high calorie foods and unhealthy snacks. Overindulgence in food after exercise negates all the weight loss effort.

To prevent over indulgence, eat a healthy meal before workout. Do not over stuff yourself but eat to feel energetic. Eating monounsaturated foods, low calorie and high protein meals gives you instant energy while feeling full for long. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your exercise.

Even while you sit in the sauna or steam room, keep a bottle of water to remain well hydrated as you sweat.

All these tips will help to avoid the top workout mistakes. You will realize the benefit within few days of implementing these tips in your daily exercise regime. Starving and crash diets can do no good and even result in weight gain as you crave for unhealthy snacks when hungry.

Always seek the help of trainers and instructors in the gym or health club when in doubt. If you are new to exercise, ask the gym trainers to help you with the cardio and weight training machines. Have a strict calorie-burning goal. Ensure that you frequently weigh yourself. This will help and constantly motivate you towards keeping in shape. These tips will help in optimal weight loss without giving up your favorite foods.

Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 03/24/2011    Points:3    

If someone I know would go to a gym to lose weight, I would definitely handed this article to this person. It has great tips in which most of people neglected. Some trainers and instructors doesn't even bother telling this stuffs to their members. Maybe the longer the person stays in the gym, the better for the business.(lol)

Thanks for this share and hopefully many readers would benefit from it.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 03/28/2011    Points:2    

Excellent information RS ! I have seen many people taking many things for granted with the belief that as long as they are working out they need not really bother about other things.I too feel that we have to bear certain things in mind to make it safe..
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 04/20/2011    Points:2    

Thanks a lot Joel and Ushakiran for the positive feedback. Am presently on a vacation to India and hence writing articles has taken a backseat..hope to resume soon as i get back by 1st week of May..Happy writing everyone.

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