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Knowing and Loving Work

March 24, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 35   Category: People    Views: 719

Love your work so it can be fun, interesting, and challenging. Here is how to do it.


Training should start by giving the child simple and light work like wiping pieces of furniture, keeping and cleaning his own toys, and even sweeping the house with the help of his elders. Then as he grows older, he can be trained to do the work suited to his age. He can help his mother do marketing, take part in preparing meals for the family, help in the care of your brothers and sisters, and later do work independently.

All these should be properly supervised and appreciated. Any little thing he/she has done correctly should be given due recognition, so he will have the feeling of being appreciated.

Values of Work

Work is important for several reasons .It exercises the mind and body. Work moves the body and makes you think. As a result it keeps you awake, alive, and energetic. It develops one's skill in a particular task. Doing a particular task like sweeping, washing dishes or dusting furniture everyday develops you skill in doing the work.

As the say, "Practice makes perfect". It gives a feeling of self-confidence and self-worth. People will recognize, respect and appreciate you for working hard. It is a means of earning a living. Boys who wash cars and vans are paid for doing this job. You can think of other work where you will be paid like being a watch-your-car boy, carrying baggage for others, selling things like newspapers, candies and flowers. It makes the house and its surroundings clean, comfortable and beautiful, thus making it a nice place to live in. It is the tool for progress and the advancement of civilization.

If every member of the family is trained to work and to appreciate its values, then one can be:

1. a responsible member of the family and community.

2. an asset and not a liability to the family and community.

3. of help in the development and improvement of the family as well as the community.

4. of help in making this world a happy, progressive, and comfortable place to live in.

How to Love Your Work

1. Start with a positive attitude . Developing the right attitude towards work makes it much easier to accept and do it. It minimizes fatigue because your mind and your heart is set into it. Convince yourself, nothing good will come out if you fret and do nothing about it.

2. Put interest into it . Once you have the enthusiasm, it becomes easy to start things. Then everything will follow smoothly. Remember, interest can always be cultivated. Start thinking that it is something worth doing. Think that you can do it and learn from it.

3. Create the right ambiance when you do the work . Perhaps you can do it in a place where you are most comfortable, in a clean and refreshing surrounding. Or you can have a friend or family member to help you. This keeps you from being bored. It can also be fun. Or you can have music to inspire you as you work.

4. Be creative . You can think of work as play. Plan on how it can be in the form of play that is not fun be a challenge as well.

5. Always think that at the end of the work , there is something that you have accomplished. This makes you feel proud that you are worth not only as a person but a responsible member of your family.


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