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Important Tests To Be Carried During Pregnancy.

June 24, 2010  by: kdeepti  Points: 15   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 1811

Pregnancy is a stage where a woman undergoes a physical and mental change. There would be many aspects in which the women should take care of. Here are some suggested test that are very useful to be carried by a pregnant lady.



Pregnancy is a stage where a woman undergoes a physical and mental change. There would be many aspects in which the women should take care of. Here are some suggested test that are very useful to be carried by a pregnant lady.

This test would cross check the mother's gestational age and the growth of featus. This test is used to compare the abnormality of the featus, if present. This is a unique test with screens three main factors.
- AFP factor.
- Chorionic Gonadotropin.
- Unconjugated Estriol.

This test is used to know the chromosomal abnormalities, if any. This test requires amniotic fluid to be collected by inserting a syringe from the abdoman.

This test is conducted, if the midwife or the doctor has a doubt about the previous test,"Amniocentesis". In this test, the portion of the amiotic sac would be collected and sent to the test, by collecting this vaginally.

This test would help the doctors know whether the mother is attacked by prenatal diabetics.

This test would be routinely done by the doctor to check the mental and physical status of the mother. The doctor always confirms the hypertension to be normal always, for the well-being of the fetus.

This is one the routine tests carried to check for the mother with HIV positive. This is done as in the recent times, we have medical knowledge to obtain HIV negative child even from a HIV positive mother.

Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/19/2010    Points:1    

Good and useful post.
Author: Swethashenoy        
Posted Date: 10/24/2010    Points:1    

Dear Deepti

A very useful post.Keep sharing such important information
Author: Loraine Dela Cruz        
Posted Date: 02/06/2011    Points:3    

It is every time very influential to keep the body healthy. This preference cook surely the other parts of the body to perform accurately such as we train on a daily basis. Appreciation representing this very imformative and momentous article. Every time construct a very informative article so to other folks preference benefit from the in turn to you share.

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