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Recipes for disease drug bladder stones

June 24, 2010  by: fahm  Points: 5   Category: Medical    Views: 1110

Urinary stone disease is dangerous, because people with this disease is suffering from pain when urinating. Than going to the hospital operation which cost quite frequency would recommend that you try this traditional recipe,Than going to the hospital operation which cost quite frequency would recommend that you try this traditional recipe, who knows a recipe that we provide can help you overcome your disease is kidney stone pain. Here's a prescription to treat it


Recipe 1
* Take as many as 100 grams of corn leaf remujung 200 gr, 150 gr mulberries and leaves meniran 100 gr. All herbs are boiled and then used to drink water, drink the potion a day one time.
* Take medication with a drink potions until a few weeks, after which it will hopefully piss back smoothly.

Recipe 2
* Provide gempur leaves finely crushed rock that has as many as 25 grams, and as many as 50 gr sendokan leaves and leaf posor (graptopylium) as much as 25 gr. This herb boiled until the water has boiled and drunk when it becomes cold, do every day

Recipe 3
* Take a green coconut and chicken egg. Punch a hole through the top of the coconut fruit. Enter the chicken eggs that have been whipped into the oil hole.
* Once mixed with the flat before drinking. Use this recipe every day to prevent urinary tract stones which interfere be destroyed.

Recipes 4
* Take 20 cats whiskers flower leaves, pounded and squeezed until the water can be taken as many as half a glass. Drink every morning. Inshallah within one week of kidney stone pain was healed.

Recipes 5
* Provide a shard of glass leaves that have been as many as 25 grams of finely ground, as many as 25 gr ngokilo leaves, leaves as many as 25 grams of cat whiskers and leaves meniran akaranya revoked by as many as 25 gr.
* All material is boiled, after which water was drunk. Do it regularly every day for five consecutive days, then stop 3-4 days, after which repeat like the first way.

Thus the traditional recipe for overcoming urinary stone disease, we keep the message of health with emphasis always drinking



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