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Parents fight in front of their children and how it affects their children.

June 24, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 2535

This is my article regarding how parents fight on issues related to their children and that also in front of their children and how its affects their children.


We have many times heard about parents fighting and doing arguments in front of their children . In this article we would see how parents fight over small issues related to their children and how it affects their children.

Parents fight in front of their children due to various issues some may be due to their personal or financial issues and same may be mostly related to their children. Some children are very naughty and do such things that due to which their parents have to hear from other people. Some children do so much mischievous things in their school that they need to hear so much things about their naughty habits from their teachers or may be also from the school principal. Sometimes children do not concentrate in studies and may also get less marks in school due to which their teachers may complain about the students to their parents.Sometimes children do so much naughty things in the building in which they live that their parents have to hear from their neighbours bad things about their children.

Whenever parents hear bad things about their children or things like that your child has no interest in studies it is very hurting as no parents would like to know that their children is very naughty and not studying . Due to such things mother and father of children fight among themselves and they blame each other that because of him or her only their son or daughter has become mischievous and not studying . They blame each other that you have given lot of freedom to our child and this results in arguments and fights and when such fights happen in front of their children it may affect their children.

When such fights happen between parents in front of children such children may feel sad that their parents keep fighting among them and it mostly due to them. Such children may feel very upset and such thing can be easily understand from their face and body language.Such fight may have very harmful emotional effect on their children . Such children may start living quietly and without talking much they may keep themselves silent.

Sometimes there may be very big fights among the parents and in such fights mother and father may slap each other and also their children if they come in between them . Such things make children scare of their parents and the situation at their home . Such children will like to stay away from home as they will not like the atmosphere of the home. whenever they will return home they will think about the fight among their parents and get scared.

Parents should remember that children are very sensitive and emotional and any fight between them may affect their children So they must try to solve the issues when their children are not in front of them and try avoid fighting or doing arguments between them on small issues related to their children.

Author: Reshma        
Posted Date: 02/16/2011    Points:2    

This is very bad, parents being mature individuals, should realize that it can create a very long lasting bad impact on the kids mind and can harm his future life.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 12/23/2015    Points:5    

Children lose their confidence towards their parents, if argument and fighting is a continuous process in a family. Parents never try to fight in front of their children. If there is any problem in between husband and wife, solve when their children are not at home. It is normal for couples to argue, but it should not be in front of their children. Children feel very bad if their parents fight each other without any major reason. It will affect their studies and emotional development. If your children will not get peace at home because of their parents fight, some of them will become introvert and will not mingle with others. Therefore, parents must avoid such circumstances and make their children''s life happy.

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