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Make some Thirst Quenchers for Summer ...

April 03, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.45   Views: 952

A couple of great ideas for making refreshing summer drinks that are simple and made with easily available products !


Summer is here and the days are getting warmer and warmer . One is perpetually looking for some refreshing cool drink that keeps the heat down and quenches our thirst.Here are a couple of great ideas for making refreshing summer drinks that are simple and made with easily available products !

Lime and mint juice

Lime juice from one lime
Sugar 1 teaspoonful
Mint leaves a few
One kiwi fruit peeled and cut into pieces ( optional)
Honey 2 tablespoonful
ice cubes

In a juicer blender add the lime juice,honey,mint leaves,kiwi fruit ,sugar and a little water and blend until the mint leaves are blended.Add the ice cubes and further run the blender for a few seconds. Pour chilled water, mix well and pour into tall glasses and serve.
This is a very healthy and refreshing drink and a favorite drink among my family members!

Tomato and carrot juice

Tomatoes 3-4 ripe and firm, cut into pieces
Carrots 2-3 grated
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Honey 1 tablespoonful
a pinch of pepper

Add all the above into a mixer jar along with some chilled water and blend into a smooth mixture. Add enough water to get a thick liquid consistency and mix well. Serve chilled.
This is excellent for a beautiful glowing skin as well since you get all the required nutrients..

Cucumber delight

Curd/yogurt 1 large cup
Cucumber peeled and cubed 1 cup
sugar 1 teaspoonful
Honey 1 tablespoonful

Blend all the above into a smooth mixture adding water if needed to get a thick liquid consistency. Serve chilled.For variation you can add a few strawberries or a few pieces of mangoes along with the cucumber...

Author: abida        
Posted Date: 04/04/2011    Points:1    

Nice and good recopies, and my mouth watering to see the photos.
Author: anil gupta        
Posted Date: 04/07/2011    Points:1    

I like to much juice, soup and squashs, I am living in hot area, In summer teprature may be about 50 degree celcius
Author: gaurisood        
Posted Date: 04/09/2011    Points:2    

Thanks for sharing these recipes .Thirst quenchers are excellent during the summer months to beat the heat and refresh both mind and body .Plus ,it is much better to go for natural drinks as they are way healthier than fuzzy drinks or soft drinks
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 04/12/2011    Points:3    

Thanks a lot abida , fresh fruit in any form is mouthwatering!
Hi anil,I too prefer to have liquid diet during summer months.One can make so many different variety of soups and thirst quenchers and fill oneself up!
Hi gaurisood, most welcome !I too feel that natural thirst quenchers,punches and drinks prepared at home are far better than the ones bought from shop. It is also much better than drinking aerated water..
Author: anil gupta        
Posted Date: 04/26/2011    Points:2    

India have many languages, many religion and tastes. Kiran ji you are from Karnatka, write some natural recipes of your state to quenche thirst in summer.

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