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Safety Measures While Caring for Animals

April 06, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 20   Category: Pets    Views: 2519

The pets you have are no different from other animals. They, too, have the instinct of survival.


People take care of animals for different reasons. Some people take care of animals because of the food they provide or the work they can do. Others enjoy the company that animals give. Animals have body parts that they can use to protect themselves when their safety is threatened by other animals or by people. All animals, even pets, have the instinct of survival. This means they will do anything to protect themselves from anything or anyone who tries to harm them. The pets you have are no different from other animals. They, too, have the instinct of survival. Angry words or sudden unfamiliar movements can make them hurt a person.

Keeping Safe While Caring for Animals

Pets are fun to play with but they can scratch or bite when they are provoked. A loud angry voice and excite an animal to action. So, it is advisable to speak gently to your pet. Many animals are protective of their young. A mother dog will bark at anyone who tries to get near its puppies. A mother hen will chase a person who tries to get its chicks. When bringing food to the animals, try to approach them slowly. Avoid scaring them so they will not attack you.

If you live on a farm and have horses, cattle and goats, you also need to exercise care. Some people keep bees on their farms. They get honey from the beehives to be sold or be eaten at home. Bees can sting. Bee stings are poisonous so you need a protective cover for your face, arms and legs when you approach a beehive. Horses have strong hind legs. Do not stand near a horse's hind legs to avoid being kicked. Avoid touching the horns of a cow or goat. This might anger the animal and you harm. Some animals are carries of disease germs. Pests such as fleas and mites live in the fur of dogs and cats. These pets can cause skin diseases. Dander or dried skin flakes from dogs and cats can cause allergy.

Keeping your pets clean is important. Shampooing your dog's or cat's fur will remove insect pests. Brushing it will remove dander. Do you hug your pet dog or pet cat? Do you allow them to sit with you on the sofa or lie with you in bed? If you do, do not forget to wash your hands and arms with soap and water. This will remove or kill whatever germs have transferred to you from your pets. Be sure to clean your sofa and beddings, too. Animals can be sick, too. However, most of the illness can be prevented if the animals are given vaccination while they are still young. Take your pet to a veterinarian for treatment in case it gets sick.

We all know that we get many benefits from animals. But some animals do us harm such as those that bring diseases. For instance, dengue and malaria are caused b microorganisms carried by different kinds of mosquitoes. What can be done to prevent the spread of these diseases? One way is to spray home with insecticides. But a better way is to prevent the mosquito from reproducing. Get rid of stagnant water in your surroundings. Or, if mosquitoes have laid their eggs, pour oil over the water so that the young cannot rise to the water surface to breathe. And to prevent you from becoming another carrier, wear protective clothing or apply an insect-repellent when going to a mosquito-infested area.


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Safety Measures While Caring for Animals
The pets you have are no different from other animals. They, too, have the instinct of survival.


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