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why holidays are necessary?

April 08, 2011  by: rockstar  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 3085

This article talks about the reasons why holidays are necessary and why everyone waits for holidays to come.


why all people need holidays ?

People need holidays because when they do some same thing for long period of time they get very much bored and they need some leisure time to enjoy with their family or do another activities. A student who studies for the entire year needs summer vacation So that he can enjoying playing with his friends in the vacation and a employee working in an office or company needs holidays to spend time with his family and for going on tours with his family.

what will happen if people do not get any annual holidays ?

If there are no annual holidays then people will not be able to focus on their work and they may feel totally bored in their life.If students are not given summer vacations then they will not be able to enjoy with their friends as they do in the summer vacations which will make them sad and they won't be able to concentrate on their studies. If employees are not given summer vacation then they will not be able to go on vacations with their family which will spoil their motivation to work.

why people wait eagerly for holidays to come ?

People wait eagerly for holidays to come as holidays are one of the biggest motivation for some people.Holidays is the period in which people get time to rest and do any thing they want.Holidays are the period in which people try to relax themselves and which helps people to get back to their work with full motivation.

We may do hard work for entire year but as human beings doing the same thing for a period more then a year may make us bored So annual holidays are one of the biggest requirement for any one.May be annual holidays can be of very less period but having them is must So that one can feel relax and do other things he wants to do in his life.

Author: anil gupta        
Posted Date: 04/09/2011    Points:1    

You highlight in well manner about the nesessity of break or holiday

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