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Tips to write good articles.

June 26, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1897

Some people may think that article writing is very easy but its not so unless one knows some things about article writing and article writing is something that takes time to develop . In this article you will come to know about some tips for writing good articles.


Article writing you can call it something as a art or something that requires good amount of knowledge. You call it article writing anything as you want but you can't develop article writing easily unless you have a good amount of knowledge and you have practically written some number of good articles . In this article you will get to know some tips that will help you in writing good articles.

Some tips to write good articles are as follows.

1. Pick a subject and think all things about it - If you want to be a good article writer then you need to first understand your capabilities . You need to first understand on what kind of subject or topic you can write . After you decide a subject for your article then you need to think about all the matter you will write in the article . You need to first gather all the ideas relating to the subject of the article in your mind before you start writing the article.

2. First Paragraph should give a good introduction of the article - Any article you write, it is must important that your first paragraph should be in proper words and should give a good introduction of the article which will help to know about the subject of the article. Any one who reads your article is going to read the first paragraph and will only continue to read the further article If he finds the article interesting and this interest is only developed after reading the first paragraph.

3. Write your article point-wise - If you want your article to look good then it is must that your article should be properly presented . If your article is properly presented then the writer will love reading it. If the article is written point wise the reader can easily understand the different ideas expressed in the article . If you are not that good in writing articles then you can first write down all the points in a paper so that you will be easily able to write the article.

4. Try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes - May be you be the best writer then also it may so happen that you may do some grammar and spelling mistakes in your article. It has been seen that the best of the article writers also make some small grammar and spelling mistakes in their article so it is must that one should improve in grammar and spelling which can be only developed by reading a lot. To avoid spelling mistakes one can use Microsoft word or any other software to write articles which helps to know the spelling mistakes done in a article written easily.

5. Proper use of punctuations - The punctuations like comma and full stops should be properly used in the sentences of your articles so that the readers can easily read the article and properly understand all the sentences in the article.

6. Give different examples and illustrations in your article - Some things in your article cannot be easily explained unless one gives good amount of examples and illustration in the article . Examples and illustrations should be properly used in the article where they are required.

7. Never worry about the length of the article - Most of us while writing any article worry that our article should not be short and it should be long enough so that it will look good and serve your purpose. But its wrong to think about the length of article you must just try to keep writing your articles then as you keep improving you would also improve the length of your articles . As you keep writing more number of articles and keep thinking then you will develop the habit of writing good articles with good number of words.

8.Never copy any articles - It is one of the mistake that any article writer can make when he is new in the field of article writing but as he comes to know that there is no use of copying articles as he would easily be get caught copying the articles . There are many websites and softwares that help to know whether an article is copied or not . If you get caught copying any article then your reputation as an article writer would also reduce.

9. Use images where you think it is useful - If you want to improve the look of your article or help your readers to know about the article just by having a look at it then it is must that you use some images in your article where it is necessary.

10. Read the article after you write it - Many people do not read their articles after writing it and this can be called as a mistake . One should not be so much confident that he cannot make any mistake while writing as the best of writers also makes mistake . If one reads the article after writing it then he can know easily about the different small mistakes done in the article and change it so that the mistakes from the article are removed.

These are some of the tips that may help you in writing your articles. Hope these tips help you out to become a good article writer.

Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/05/2010    Points:5    

I want to add one more thing.
Before we write any topic One should try About his school days or college days or may be the first day of school days,So that one can understand the level of his/her own writing abilities.Or just start writing about the real things like There social environment about which they can think and imagine properly and also the real things can be easily converted in to words.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/20/2010        

good advice on article writing rockstar.
Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 02/02/2011    Points:3    

I have learned that adding pictures in your article will boost its earnings. I've seen a lot of article here with many illustrations and pictures and earned trice as much as my plain article no matter how long it is. Another thing that is very important to always check your article for spelling errors. People would trun it down and never look any other articles written by you if it is full of errors.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/08/2012        

great advice written with good formatting

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