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How to succeed in Internet money making using website

June 29, 2010  by: Mohammed Fouzan  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1285

Here in this article i will show you how to become an internet money maker.


We can see a lot of people making huge money on internet without any risky efforts. These people were making money either by a website or working for a website. Making a website is very easy for everyone who has enough money with them. But maintaining the website is very risky matter. We can see a large number of people living by only depending their site. They vacate their jobs and making money with their websites. When we hear making money with websites we will think that it is very easy if we invest some money in that area. But it is not at all an easy job. We want to wait for years to make our website popular. In order to make site popular we must have enough content in our website. I will explain how to succeed in making money with website.

Content writing:-

Content in the website is the most thing that you must concentrate when you build a website. Writing the hot topics will get high traffic. Concentrate on a particular topic like SEO tricks, Technology news, Recipes or any other. Its up to your experience with the topic. Website must have relevant content. Simply writing something will not give you any traffic. While writing you must prevent spelling mistakes. Make style to your writing. Modify your work with enough things. While writing you must be in passion. Write the content with interest only otherwise leave it. Because there is nothing in writing without interest. Such articles will br very dump articles and reader will start to hate your posts. It will reduce your traffic. The most thing that you want to keep in mind is write your article in a easy mode that means write in simple language that everybody could understand. Using hard words in articles will make your readers lost their interest in that post. As first impression is the last impression make your starting a great one because while reading the first part itself the reader should like ti then only he will make it full. If he likes it he will suggest it to some of his friends and also bookmark your site. This will surely increase your traffic. Dont make your post a large one. Try to make it shorter with only important content. Because no one will interest to read a large article if he saw its length. When writing you must make it paragraph wise otherwise its beauty will be lost. Point out the important points in your writing. It will help you to make a good thinking in your reader's mind. Also make necessary headings and sub-headings in your posts. Moreover when writing you must be patient and careful to make your readers happy and also make conversation type things in articles like asking questions. For earning money on website content is very important.

Beautification of layouts:-

Layout of the website is very important thing when you make a website. The person that see your site should be attracted by seeing your layout. Modification of website with enough columns and placing beautiful and interesting images in the website will be helpful for the layout. Keep your website's layout very simple. It should be user friendly. Do not put large size images or any other things in your site because it will take a long time to load your website. Also use a medium type font size. Writings must be seen by user. Dont make it very small or very big. Use beautiful font faces like Arial, verdana etc... Don't use high colors in website that makes difficult to the user. USe light color instead of dark color.

Monetize your site:-

There are many ways to earn money on website all is depending on your traffic. Monetizing means putting ads or selling stuffs in sites and earn money. Putting ads is an easy way to make your website a money making machine. There are many sites which are paying for clicking ads of your site. Google adsense, adbrite, bidadvertiser, kontera, info links and many others. for earning through this sites your site should have relevant traffic. monetizing is the way to earn money from your website. For earning through adsesne and other ads providing sites. Placing of ads is very important. Place advertisements in the place where it see carefully like under the headings of your articles. Also don't make a sense of thought in your readers mind that you are writing all these for earning money. Let them enjoy by your articles.

Getting traffic:-

Getting traffic is very easy if you have a good website with enough content. There are many sites providing traffic to your site if you see their ads. But instead of that make your website a traffic website by your own is the good way. We must be patient for that. We will not get a good traffic to our website in one or two days. For that we want to wait for years. Some will succeed early by their efforts. Keywords are the most essential thing that you must have in order to see your site on search engine. Social bookmarking is also a good ways to get traffic. Post the name of your website in forums or communities also a way to get users to your website. If you do not have traffic your earning will be less. Make your readers to subscribe in your site for getting the new posts directly to their mail box. Updating the site is important thing to get traffic. If you update daily your site visitors will daily open your site for new contents. So don't make them sad write daily.

Author: meensatwork        
Posted Date: 07/01/2010    Points:2    

A good article Fouzan.You could have provided some tips also.
Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/05/2010    Points:10    

Blogs are more popular than websites in search engines.
Because Google loves updated things.and it is easy to update a blog everyday or several times in a single day ,but updating a web site everyday is not possible.
So I suggest for beginners in Internet money making programs instead of going for a website start with a blog and post there 3-4 article everyday and Try to promote it through different social community,book marking sites and link exchange,to get traffic and yes always use proper key words which attracts advertisers to publish high paying ads in your blog and also try to get traffic from USA and International traffic to increase the click rate so join International social networking sites like facebook,myspace etc
And also Making a blog is totally free and promoting also free so enjoy free money making Internet programs and in between learn to layout the blog properly to increase teh chance of clicks on your advertises shown in your blog
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 11/24/2011    Points:1    

Right said winindia, it is easy to run a blog than a website as the blogger.com provides a lot of web tools than a google website provides.

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