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Weight Gain Obesity and Health Problems among Teenagers and Adults

June 09, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.55   Views: 6946

Obesity and weight gain are troublesome issues. They can occur due to post-surgery immobility, ill-health, medication, stress, depression or unhealthy lifestyle. There can be several health problems when obesity is left unchecked.


Obesity is becoming a global problem these days. Even kids and teens suffer from overweight and weight gain issues. Be it kids or adults, the main reason for weight issues is the unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits. There can be several reasons for this problem such as, dining out, fast food restaurants, stress, and depression and so on. Here we can see the problems caused by obesity and tackling it successfully.

How do People become Obese?

No one wants to be obese or fat but sometimes, it is due to a particular health condition, effect of medication, inability to move freely or genetic. Of course, certain irregular food habits and unhealthy lifestyle may also have a hand in a person being obese.

Mostly, consuming excessive calories and burning only a few leads to weight gain, higher cholesterol and finally leads towards obesity. It also depends on the family habits or the person's peer group. If you hang around with a group of people who like to eat abundant food and do little exercise, you can see most of them being overweight.

Some people try to starve, then binge and thus gain more than earlier weight. All such Yo-yo diets and bad eating habits harm your body a lot. Doctors also advice you to eliminate stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. They also recommend a minimum of 30 minutes exercise every day. It can be a jumpstart to kick off the unwanted body fat.

Teenagers and Obesity

Obesity is a troubling factor among teenagers. These days, health risks seem to begin at a very young age. It is easy for parents to control the eating habits of kids and adults. Kids will listen to parents out of fear or respect. Adults can be reasonable when they know that bad habits will affect their health. However, teenagers are the toughest to reason. They will do what they like and be rebellious.

Teenagers see their peers eating junk food, spending time at coffee shops and showing off soda cans. Hence, they copy the same behavior. Of course, these days, some teenagers make healthy choices. It may be due to fact that they know the risks of obesity and overweight.

Teens may also eat more due to depression. Encourage them to join a hobby class, sport activities and games. Introduce some time for family play every day. Go out for a jog or bike or play a game of Frisbee or football in the park or backyard. Any activity that results in sweating is good for the heart and body. Allow healthy foods as rewards and allow junk food only once a week. Encourage consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Health Problems caused by Obesity

Not one or two but obesity can cause health problems mentally, physically and socially. If you become obese, you might find it difficult to fit in good clothes, go out with friends and mobility is greatly limited. This can also cause acute depression, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart problems and finally lead to premature death.

Obesity is not a joke and nothing to feel ashamed. It is a poor health condition. Still, it is never late to combat obesity. Make an effort to do some rigorous physical activity every day. Already obese people need to work out a little more than regular people. Include high and low intensity workouts and swimming. It is easier on the joints and a great exercise when you swim constantly for 30 minutes daily.

Never fall for excuses and do not give in to temper tantrums, mood swings or other reasons. It is important to keep a check on health from a young age to avoid suffering in the old age. Being obese can cause low levels of immunity, high absorption of fats in the body and several cardiovascular problems. Active lifestyle and healthy habits are very essential to keep obesity out of the body. These few tips, self-motivation and dedication can help to come out of obesity.

Author: govindan        
Posted Date: 06/11/2011    Points:8    

Weight gain is due to many factors. Among the factors genetic reason may not be cured. But other factors can be cured and controlled. In the Olden days, the strength of the population is low and the field available for the play was more.People were compelled to fetch water and walk to go to take bath and for morning activities and learn swimming in the course. But nowadays in the city or village life, no field is available, population is more and walking like exercise is almost nil. The schools are not having enough space for the play for the children.In total, there is no exercise and the people become lazy of doing anything. So,weight gain is more.
To overcome all these, a general awareness should be created among the parents , children and teachers.School should have a Play period and the children should be made to play of their choice. There should not be any compulsion for a particular play. The children should play the games of their choice.
Medical check up in the School should be made compulsory.The check should be every year and in case of need in a regular interval.
So, with the above ways weight gain of the Teenagers can be controlled.
Author: Manas        
Posted Date: 06/13/2011    Points:3    

Obesity is the greatest problem children and younger people suffer in now-a-days. Because of non availability of correct nutritional charts to most of the people and neglect the health completely by taking junk food sometime result in obseity. By proper maintaining nutritional profile one can have a good health.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/20/2015    Points:6    

Obesity is the condition where our body weight is more than the normal prescribed limit. Currently over eating especially high calorie food like pizza, burgers, fries, ice-creams, milk shakes and others with less exercise is the main causes of obesity. Other causes for obesity is hormone imbalances, familial, depression and certain medicines. Obesity affects almost all parts of our body from head to foot there by causing early onset of diseases and early death. The major diseases cause by obesity are diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, bone and joint problems. Others will be snoring during sleep, breathing problems, heart failure, fatty liver and some cancers. One can control obesity by avoiding overeating following healthy diet having more fruits and vegetables and less meat products. Adequate exercise is also very essential to reduce obesity.

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