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Why do the Kids Love to Eat Junk Food and Unhealthy Snacks?

June 16, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.40   Views: 2199

They are easy to buy, easy to eat and tasty too. That is why kids love junk foods and unhealthy snacks. Kids eat what their parents eat. Hence, if parents start following healthy diet and nutrition, children will follow the same.


Why are kids eating so much junk food in these days? Apparently, overweight and obese teens and children are growing more each day. Instead of blaming the junk food, the family system needs to re-think its social values. Kids have no knowledge of overcoming temptation to sweets, candies and sodas. Hence, a good amount of the monthly allowance finds its way to the confectionery or bakery.

Busy Parents and Unhealthy Habits

Yes, a striking and alarming truth of present times. In the good old days, mothers used to be at home, taking care of the entire's family's diet and well-being. These days, both parents need to work in order to fulfill the needs of the family.

Hence, it is convenient to have a packaged dinner or lunch, breakfast is usually a grab and go process. No one has time to pack a healthy meal for the children going to school. It is easier to give them some cash to eat at the cafeteria. Likewise, parents much a sodium and high calorie breakfast at the local fast food joint.

No one needs to tell the kids not to follow the same. Habits begin from home; kids pretty well follow their parents. The concept of family meal is also taking a backseat. Parents get back from work and are too tired to cook a healthy meal. Thus, it is a frozen pizza or some canned food reheated in the microwave.

Cheap Fast Food and Marketing Strategy

Various fast food brands indulge in interesting marketing strategies. They show commercials with popular actors or sports persons endorsing a drink, chocolate or other unhealthy foods. Kids have much peer pressure. They feel inferior and bullied if they do not eat junk food like their other friends.

Hence, much of their cash allowance fills the cash boxes of coffee bars and bakeries. Kids do not wish to be the odd one's among their group of friends. Constant binging on unhealthy foods and burning fewer calories than consumed lead to obesity, health risks and other problems from a young age.

Change in Food Habits and Nutrition

The habit and addiction to junk food might be tough to break. Hence, parents should be careful and take things into control before it is too late. Instead of piling up chips, sodas and junk food at home, they should indulge in healthy grocery shopping. Taking kids to the local farmer market and grocery shopping will help. Let them draw the food pyramid and know the health risks of obesity and overweight.

Guide the kids towards the importance of healthy nutrition. Restrict the expenditure on restaurant dining for once a week. Let it be more of a family outing than a grab and go necessity. Even a vegetable and protein sandwich at home with low fat cheese and whole grain bread can be more nutritious than one bought outside.

Attractive and Crunchy Junk Food Snacks

Sadly, junk food is loaded with high fat cheese, looks attractive and is crunchy. For instance, the colorful packet or container of chips, chocolates in various animal shapes can all be attractive and dangerous. They are fine if you indulge occasionally but not every day.

Working moms can try some simple and yet healthy meals at home. You can bake a few healthy cookies and cup cakes at home using almonds, nuts and low fat or unsalted butter. Anything that is homemade is a lot healthier and less greasy.

Homemade chips and crackers may be a good idea too. Use some colorful vegetables and serve it with a nice home cheese dip or sour cream. The kids will gradually look forward to such homely food after school.

We are all busy people and have tons of responsibilities. Yet, the future of our kids is the biggest responsibility. It will be sad to see them overweight, obese and unfit to move easily. Encourage the kids to be physically active and play sports or join a gym. Let them know the harmful effects of the preservatives and chemicals in their junk foods. When parents start eating healthy, kids will follow suit.

Author: zeith88        
Posted Date: 06/18/2011    Points:2    

This is because all manufacturer do some tricks to become appealing all their products that kids can love it. Yes it is bad for the kids because instead of eating nutritious food they prefer to eat junk-foods that can cause losses their appetite to eat their meal.
Author: Claire        
Posted Date: 06/19/2011    Points:5    

Kids do love to eat junk foods and unhealthy snacks because these are more palatable to their taste, hence, they would prefer these kinds of foods than the ones which are more nutritious. Further, these items are frequently advertised on televisions and other forms of media which aroused the curiosity of kids. As we all know, this stage of life are the ones who would likely explore everything, thus, anything new or just introduce, the kids would certainly go for it. Sometimes eating new and well advertised foods just set the trend and becomes a fad and these are all acceptable and most welcomed by the kids.
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 06/21/2011    Points:2    

Thanks to you all for reading and also leaving your valuable comments here. True, junk food is more appealing. However, we can make it healthier by making them at home. At least we use less oil and cheese.

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