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How To Improve Quality Education In India

June 30, 2010  by: BrainChip  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 2161

To improve quality education in India Government must form a new Public Private partnership and should form a new educational insurance scheme for all babies.


Man develops through gaining knowledge. We heard the idiom "Knowledge is the power" millions of times. But I think knowledge itself is not power. Applied knowledge is the power. Application of gained knowledge brings improvements in the way we live.

A nation's progress lies in the development of its youth, the next generation who have to lead it through in future. Developed youth is a sign of prosperity of a nation. By developed youth I mean youth acquired good level of education especially at research level and technology level, having good health both mentally and physically.

In our nation, almost 85% living in poverty or just above poverty who cannot afford the expenditures to educate their children. We know that pearls are excavated from the mud in the sea bed. Just like this impoverished villages have a great stock of talented children whom we fail to find out and bring out to the level of excellence by providing them quality education. If we win to do so this nation will be the future power of the world, I have no doubt.

There are so many organizations in this nation working to improve the school and college goers. I appreciate such movements and I request s our governments to issue them necessary infrastructures and encouragements. They are doing a great job.

Our Governments both central and State, must take stringent and purposeful actions to improve quality of education in this country. It will reduce poverty, it will eradicate communal clashes, it will abolish the atrocities against women, it will create new ventures and so jobs, it will create confidence in the people, it will improve our mental and physical health. There are unlimited advantages by spreading quality education.

What we can do to improve quality education? Recently Central government made the historic law of Right to Education. It is a great step indeed. No kid is exempted from acquiring knowledge by systematic way set up by governments. But the laws itself will not bring any change in the system currently going on.

I think Government must insure a child's education by a new insurance policy. All babies must be insured for their education. BPL families' premium can be paid by government itself. Others should pay premiums by themselves. At the age of 13 or more, according to the social status of various states, student must be able to use that amount for further education. Insurance companies must be co-operated in this mission. Government must take actions who misuse the same amount or who doesn't utilize the amount for educating their children.

Government should form a public private partnership body to evaluate and implement new plans in spreading education. Major Private Companies should take part in this mission. Parents should be bothered about the right of their children being educated. They must be prosecuted if they fail to do so.

Government should lead a mission of spreading awareness on quality education by the way it conduct census and other central programs. Sure the nation will follow the same fever. Because all the desis know the importance of being educated.

Let's play our role of spreading quality education. Best of luck and Thanks.

Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 07/02/2010    Points:2    

Very nice article Brainchip i think you are new here hope to see many more articles soon from you.
Author: BrainChip        
Posted Date: 07/02/2010    Points:5    

Unlimited hearty thanks to you rockster. Without your support I'm a void. I'm more excited with your comment. Yea I'm a newbie in exposeknowledge. Looking for your valuable articles and other updates. Once again thank you. :)
Author: Vipin R        
Posted Date: 07/09/2010    Points:2    

All the schools should be standardized. Quality team should be assign to check every school by going for inspection very often. Some are not affordable for studies, so please help children study. You can send money to some educational trust or orphanage so that quality education reaches poor.
Author: abid areacode        
Posted Date: 07/12/2010    Points:1    

Very good.I think the new reforms coming in education sector may revalutionize it.
Author: BrainChip        
Posted Date: 07/12/2010    Points:1    

thank you abid areacode.

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