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Wife and Husband Quarrels, Arguments and Tips for Dealing with Arguments between Spouses

June 20, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 4395

Be it a live in relationship, lovers or married couples, fighting among them is common. Settling such issues seems to be challenging but not very impossible. Here are a few tips and ideas to handle fights among couples.


Often couples fight a lot. At times, there are arguments that lead to quarrels, abuse and bad-mouthing. Sometimes, a quarrel begins with trivial issues or not being open about one's inner feelings and opinions. Be it a live in relationship, lovers or married couples, fighting among them is common. Settling such issues seems to be challenging but not very impossible. Here are a few tips and ideas to handle fights among couples.

Couples Fight on Trivial Issues

At times, couples tend to quarrel over trivial issues like not turning off the lights or the tap or the stove, forgetting to pick up some grocery items and so on. These become the cause for a fight when they are actually depressed about something else and do not know how to express their frustration. The best thing to do at such times is to change the mood. Think of happy occasions and good times spent with your partner. Think how much you love them and then you may not want to hurt them by fighting over trivial issues.

Constant fighting and Confrontation

Determine the actual reason for the constant fighting between you and your spouse. Usually, people tend to fight on financial matters, kids, work pressures and so on. The most important causes for constant fights in a relation is when either spouse is irresponsible, drinks too much or for financial aspects. Other than that, people often fight over the responsibility of kids and parents.

In any case, it is not too good to constantly fight and argue, it can tend to break a healthy relationship. Though we need not agree on all matters, try to resolve things like two matured people. If we fight in front of kids, they will learn the same and fight with you to fulfill their demands. Avoid constant confrontation and nagging when a spouse is in bad mood. Move away from them and give them some time and space to gain control over their emotions. Later sit and discuss the cause and solution of their depression.

Quit Playing Guessing Games

Lack of communication, expectation that your spouse is a perfect character of a novel, or expecting the partner to be nurturing can be a problem and cause fights among couples. In other times, spouses tend to try mind reading. They jump to conclusions about what their partner thinks of them or wants to say. Often times, it leads to squabbling and fighting. Never reach to conclusions and make statements not related to any reality. Rather than playing guessing games, be open and communicate your actual feelings to each other.

In the worst cases, despite trying to resolve fights amongst you as a couple, it is best to approach a marriage counselor. You may also like to take a vacation and spend some time together. Time away from office, work and stress may help to ease the tension between both people. Marriage therapists can also be of help to couples who constantly fight and are under tension.


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