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Losing Weight with Weight Loss Myths and Facts

June 26, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 1516

We have one life, it is important to be healthy and hearty rather than waste life consuming medications and suffering from various ailments. Our health is in our hands, to keep it in good shape depends on our own selves.


While seeking to shed considerable pounds, weight watchers face several doubts, questions and myths. People come across too many conflicting weight loss theories, readymade diets, weight watcher guides and tips. It might be a good idea to muse about few myths and truths related to weight loss.

These days people are becoming highly health conscious. There is tons of information on and off the web regarding how to lose weight, how to eat, how to exercise and so on. One tends to think, how the earlier generations survived and remained fit without so many tips and tricks of healthy mind and body.

Late Night Snack causes Weight Gain

This is a myth for sure. Weight loss is all about active metabolism, not about when you eat or not. It is true that your body metabolism is more active during the day. Hence, it is easy to digest food earlier during the day and evening. The truth lies in consuming the number of calories. You can lose weight when the calories burned are more than calories consumed. You might consider eating fewer calories through the day. You can then include a small nighttime snack to avoid feeling hungry before bedtime.

Skipping Meals for Weight Loss

Crash dieting leads to weight loss. This is another popular myth. Theoretically, there is a considerable weight loss but for a very brief time. When the other eating habits remain the same and you skip meals, there is change in your meal patterns. Thus, it leads to unhealthy eating habits and overeating. Hence, it is likely to cause weight gain due to excess eating.

Fruits and Berries for Faster Metabolism

Well, there is no magical fruit or vegetable than leads to overnight weight loss. No foods or diet plans can act as a magic bullet for losing weight. The only sure shot way to lose weight is improving body metabolism by exercise and healthy diet. Daily exercise routine is mandatory for fat loss and weight loss.

Avoid Carbohydrates they are bad for Health

Avoid carbs, as they are bad for health. This is another big myth too. However, not all carbohydrates are bad for health; there are monounsaturated fats and good carbs that can aide the weight loss process. In fact, eating a high fiber and high protein diet will reduce the need for higher carbohydrate diet. The stomach feels full for longer when you consume high fiber and protein foods.

Stop Eating Favorite Foods for Weight Loss

Eating favorite food can lead to weight gain. Not, necessarily and is another myth too. Eating your favorite foods will not lead to weight gain. The secret is to eat food in moderation. Count the calories; try to substitute high calorie snacks with low fat ones. For instance, a regular pizza with low fat cheese and more healthy toppings can help you eat healthy while eating your favorite food. Instead of deep fried foods, try shallow fry or baked varieties.

No Dessert while Eating Healthy

There is no need to abandon your dessert totally while aiming for weight loss. Dark chocolate, gelato, low fat ice cream and fruit salads are all examples of healthy desserts that you can eat. The ideal way to lose weight is incorporate healthy exercise routine while trying to lose weight.

Keep your body active through the day to aide faster digestion of food. Lifting lightweights, lightweight training and cardiovascular exercises will help to build lean muscle and eliminate bad body fat. Walk or run before a meal and after a meal, not immediately, but with some gap prior and after the meals. This helps to have a healthy appetite and burn calories.

All these tips will help in creating an ideal weight loss schedule. Ultimately, eating healthy will help to achieve a genuine weight loss for long term. Eat in moderation, avoid over eating and binge eating or binge drinking. Alcohol, smoking and irregular sleeping habits are all related to weight gain, obesity and health risks. After all, we have one life, it is important to be healthy and hearty rather than waste life consuming medications and suffering from various ailments. Our health is in our hands, to keep it in good shape depends on our own selves.

Author: gaurisood        
Posted Date: 06/27/2011    Points:3    

Losing weight has become an obsession now and everyone especially women want to have a size zero figure . However we should maintain a lifestyle with good food habits and regular exercise for having a long and healthy life and not just to get thin fast . It was shocking too see a news report which had said that the sales of Baby food products like Cerelac etc had gone up in US because certain celebrities had started dieting on it .
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 06/27/2011    Points:2    

Wow..never knew grown ups were eating toddler food..thanks for the update Gauri! True, weight loss, crash diets are a fad, people will do anything to look thin..good eating habits and exercise is a must, I agree with you.

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