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How to write a good article

June 30, 2010  by: Mohammed Fouzan  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1623

In this article i will explain how to create a good article. I hope this will help you


All people know to write articles. But there are many things that we should know before starting to write. We can write articles in many ways. If you implement this information in your article it will help you to improve a lot. How to present an article in a beautiful manner this is the question that arise on majority of the people who are willing to write a good article. For those people can follow this.

Choosing a Title:-

Title should be short always. Because long titles will not look beautiful in your presentation. Even the title is small making it meaningful according to the content that you are going to write. When you select title for writing articles in internet you should also need to look the usage of keywords. If you choose high traffic keywords as the title of your article you will get more visitors to your content and more people will know about you and your article.

Express the content in simple words:-

In articles the usage of the words should be correct and more over it must be in simple words that everyone could understand. Using simple words in article will help your readers to understand the content very correctly. If you use difficult words in your article your readers could not understand the meaning of the word that you trying to express and for getting that meaning they will search in internet or dictionary. This will be very difficult for the readers and that's why they leave your article because of the reason not understanding. So usage of words in articles is very important when writing articles. You should always keep this in your mind. Because this will help you always in every stage even in exams.

Categorization of the content:-

Categorizing content is very important and very essential when writing a long article or essays. When you are writing articles don't drown all your information in a heading. Because it will affect your reader's interest. So to avoid that you should use appropriate headings and sub headings across your article. You should also put specific gap between words. This will also maintain the beauty of your work.

Making paragraphs:-

Making paragraphs in a article is very important when writing. Do not write all your content on a single paragraph. Categorize the contents and give specific paragraphs between each and every other matter. That means suppose you are writing about a company. First of all you should write about the company in first paragraph and when it comes to the awards achieved by the company you must start another paragraph. This will increase the beauty of the article and surely your readers like it.

Usage of punctuation:-

Using punctuation is a major thing in your article. Because as it is a article not a conversation you should make your readers understand the situation so in such case punctuation marks play a vital role. Usage of commas, semi colons, full stops etc.. must be in your article. Also keep in mind that if the usage of punctuations is increased you will lose the beauty of the article that you writing. So instead of using punctuations regularly use them in appropriate places.

Avoid spelling mistakes:-

As we are human beings mistakes will be there. But when writing articles you should use spell checker before their publication. It will help you to avoid spelling mistakes. If you make so much spelling mistake there is a chance to feel bad about you in your reader's mind. So try maximum to avoid mistakes.


I had read many articles in the internet and I found that they are very accurate in their grammar and spelling. But when I read some blogs I saw that there are many mistakes in the making of words. Grammar is an important part of writing. So when writing about that thing that happened you should always use past tense. If you are writing about future things don't use past tense or present tense instead of that you should use future tense. So try to concentrate on grammar when writing article. An easy way if you don't know grammar is that you should write the article in MS WORD. MS WORD has a facility to determine the proper usage of words and grammars and also spelling mistakes will also be reduced.

Main thing you should remember:-

The main thing you must remember when writing article is usage of capital letters and small letters. Always start a sentence with capital letter. Don't write the entire content in capital letter. It will make article ugly and also search engine cannot easily find the articles that written entirely in capital letters. This problem also can be solved in MS WORD.

Point out the main points on a article:-

Point outing the main things that contain the content of the entire article will be helpful to the readers. For that you must use neither bulleted points nor numbers like 1, 2, 3... This must be in your mind when writing.


After writing all the contents that you want to include in your article you must make a conclusion. This can be written in many ways like giving a good message to the readers etc... Conclusion is very important and also mention the next coming article from you in the end of the topic it will make the reader to visit your content again and again.

Spell checker:-

As i say earlier, to avoid spelling mistakes spell checker can be used. This must be done before submitting articles. This is to avoid maximum mistakes of your writings.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 07/06/2010    Points:1    

Very Nice to follow it.
Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/08/2010    Points:5    

When ever you think to write an article just think whether you have enough Knowledge on that topic or not or else You will write what ever and search engine will never find it ,so that is full wastage of your time.

So its better do a home work before you write anything and get appropriate knowledge on the topic so that you can write with better explanation and give some examples to your article so that the reader can understand what you want to explain.
Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 02/02/2011    Points:3    

As i say earlier, to avoid spelling mistakes spell checker can be used. This must be done before submitting articles. This is to avoid maximum mistakes of your writings.

If I will to make my own suggestion, I think your last tips would be the best tips one can give. People tend to lose their taste on your article when they sees many gramatical errors and worst even simple spelling errors.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 11/30/2011    Points:1    

Right said Mohammed Fouzan, highlighting the important stuff in article content is very important.

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