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Cracking HSC(Commerce) now on your finger tips.

July 09, 2011  by: Kalpesh  Points: 12   Category: Commerce    Views: 1824

This Tip is for cracking your HSC(Commerce) exam easily.


This tip is about cracking your HSC(Commerce) easily.
I will now guide you about the cracking process but before that let me tell you how I cracked mine.

I was a student who always wanted to be out of college and believed in bunking all the lectures. I scored 75% in my exam without attending any lectures in college and class as well. I read nothing but used to think a lot. I had English,Economics(Eco),Organisation of Commerce and Management(O.C),Information Technology(I.T),Book Keeping(B.K) and mathematics.

And I did in just last month of study.

Lets now start with your guidance.
First comes English just because its language. Here you have seen passages,unseen passages,poems,rapid reading and then grammar and compositions. First of all try to complete all the comprehensions as soon as possible and write just point to point answers. Don't keep on filling the papers for extra marks. Writing point to point may also help you in scoring almost out of marks. After comes grammar which is simple just need a bit practice and knowledge so a one day glance is enough for grammar part. Then finally comes composition part where you have to show your real talent. So write it in such a way that it impresses the corrector. Make it in such a way that he should read it and should love to read it. If you do exact same which i have told you then you can say. "One down Five to go".

Second comes most difficult for most of the students and that's mathematics. Well it need a lot of practice and knowledge just because in mathematics exam speed matters. So here is a way to cope it with. First mathematics is divided in two parts IE. Maths1 and Maths2. Maths2 is related with compound numbers,index numbers etc. which are not a part to worry but when it comes to maths1 which is integration and derivation it needs to worry a little but no worries as i am here i will guide you to tackle with it. Derivation and integration are inverse of each other. So u need not to learn all the formulas and charts. You just simply have to learn any one of them and have just a glance at second one. This makes the formula part simple. And now you have to just practice 3 to 4 problems in each types. And the remaining chapters are logic, Matrices and others which are very easy to deal with.
This is all for this article. In my next article I will write about Economics and O.C. Next week. Please notify me or feel free to ask me about anything you need. And please do provide me with a feedback.
Thank you.


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Cracking HSC(Commerce) now on your finger tips.
This Tip is for cracking your HSC(Commerce) exam easily.


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