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what things we can do to save our environment ?

July 03, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 20   Category: Environment  Earning $0.70   Views: 2779

It is must for every human being to play an important part in saving the environment . This article will help us to know about the things that we can do to save the environment .


One of the biggest problem the world is facing is the problem of saving the environment . Due to pollution and many other activities of human beings there is a very bad effect on the environment and in future there will be a threat to life of all the human beings if nothing is done to save the environment. Human beings are the one who are causing most harm to the environment because of various activities and therefore it is our responsibility that we must take steps to save our environment.

Some things that we can do to save our environment are as follows.

1. Do not throw away all the waste products - We must not throw waste any where . If we are on road also we shouldn't throw waste any where we must only throw it in dustbins . Waste material that can be used again can be recycled and used . If any waste is harmful for the environment one can burn it out or dig it out to protect the human beings and the environment from the harmful effects.

2. Less usage of air conditioners - We all know that air conditioners throw out CFC ( Chloro fluoro carbon ) gases which are harmful for environment and damaging the ozone layer which protects us from ultraviolet rays of sun . We must use air conditioners as less as possible.

3. Protecting the endangered species - Animals and birds are the important part of our environment. We must try to save and protect the species of the birds and animals that are endangered. We must try to stop killing of animals in forest and if we see any one doing it we must complain against it. We can also give water and food to animals so that no animal dies due to hunger.

4. Increasing the number of trees and stopping deforestation - If we want to save our environment then it is must for us that we spread the message of growing trees. If each one of us grows a tree then the problem of environment degradation will reduce. One should also try to stop the falling of trees that are done by various people for their gain . If we do not stop such activities we will not be able to save our environment and in future more harm will be caused.

5. Using public transport and cycle to travel - We all know that personal vehicles like scooter , bikes and cars are increasing and so on is the level of pollution . So if we will use more of such personal vehicles we will cause more harm to the environment . One can use public transport for travelling and one can also make use cycle to travel for places that are near or also go by walk which is also good for health .

6. Keep the water bodies clean - Each and every human being must realise the importance of water and we all know that all the water bodies are getting dirty due to the harmful waste thrown in them and by various activities like washing clothes done near such water bodies . All such things should be completely stopped as we need water for various purposes and we can't live without it .

7. Proper usage of electricity y - One must try to use electrical appliances as only when we need it. One must not waste electricity. One can also make use of solar energy appliances to save electricity.

8. Use less plastic - We all know that plastic is not good for environment . We must make very less use of plastic and polythene bags and whenever we are going out to buy from market we can use permanent bag or bag made from any other material like jute etc.

This are the some of the few things that we human beings can do to save our environment . In all I can say that its all in our hand to save our environment and if human beings do not take steps then the harmful effects caused to the environment will keep on increasing . It is must that we each and every human being keep spreading the message of protecting the environment to others .

Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/05/2010    Points:5    

Very Good article rockstar
As per your article the things you have mentioned to save our environment can be easily done by each and every common man like you and me.
So its clear that we all are responsible for this environment destruction.
first we have to change,what ever possibility we can do should be done to save our environment.

Then only we will survive,so instead of blaming Government for everything lets start planting trees and not using plastics
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 10/12/2015    Points:4    

Creating a warm and welcoming ambiance, plants add visual appeal to any space. Apart from improving the air quality and moisture levels in and around our home, plants have a restful effect on people - they calm the heart rate, ease mental fatigue, lower blood pressure and can even reduce muscular tensions. studies proed that plants help relax and focus, thereby increasing ones creativity and productivity. If used smartly, they can also absorb noise and reduce pollution. Potted plants placed along a window facing the road will absorb noise.

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