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VanaMahotsava - The Festival Of Trees

August 15, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Social  Earning $0.35   Views: 4408

Vana mahotsava or the festival of trees is celebrated to make the environment healthy..


VanaMahotsava - A festival of Trees

This is celebrated in India in July/August generally after the monsoon has set in depending on the convenience.This is a green movement started in the fifties which has become even more relevant now since global warming has become an important and major issue which has far reaching implications. Vana mahotsava or the festival of trees is celebrated to make the environment healthy .In India it is more popular in Gujrat and in the southern states of India where people live close to nature.

We celebrated the event like we do every year here last week on the 10th .We have formed a group of ladies and men coming from all walks of life.We prepare plant saplings and distribute them to small offices,government offices , schools, shops and other business houses .We also help them plant in larger pots or if there is space available ,plant them out in the soil.Last year I had prepared and given 14 plants and this year I have given 23 plant saplings, which were all distributed and I have many people asking for more plants..

The preparation starts at least 2 months before Vanamahotsava , when people taking part in Vanamahotsava start taking cuttings and start them planting into empty plastic milk packets filled with a mixture of sand and soil.Most of them begin to grow roots and start growing well in the plastic bag.This year I had a hibiscus plant which had grown to a full fledged plant with buds and it was the first one to be selected by a school teacher who wanted it for her home.I love this time of the year when the monsoon rains are beating down and we are close to nature and this festival makes us all aware of how we are all totally dependent on nature and do our best to preserve it.

When we go back into the history of this festival which has absolutely no religious significance whatsoever, we come to know that it is actually a movement started in the fifties by some eminent thinkers who realized the importance of preserving nature ,trees and forest land. They began by planting some saplings in public places during rainy season since, that is the best time to plant any new saplings.They grow root very easily and quickly. This movement became popular with the masses and began to spread. India used to have a vast forest cover and it really helped in every way including regulating the temperature.Once major cities started growing these forest covers began to vanish and there were many ill effects like a shortage of rain fall and a general increase in the temperature levels.So a few eminent thinkers foresaw what could happen in years to come and earmarked a day for celebrating nature and environment, which is what Vanamahotsava is all about. In western countries a lot of care is taken by the authorities to maintain the green belt around the cities and one finds a lot of greenery even in the middle of major cities like London, New York,Paris etc; so they do not have the need to worry since care is already being taken to maintain the eco balance !

In South India and especially in Karnataka this festival is celebrated in most places and I have known it since my childhood because we celebrated it while I was in school.It makes people give more importance to environmental issues. In almost all the schools here in my town Vanamahotsava is celebrated. My children know all about it and in most schools children are made aware of its significance and plants and saplings are distributed to children so that they plant it in their houses.Government offices too have a celebration - they do it by either bringing in a few new potted plants or planting a sapling if there is space around the office.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 08/16/2011    Points:5    

Very nice article. Also would take this opportunity to applaud you for such nice and considerate work of donating and planting saplings. It really is a huge step to keep the environment clean and green for future generations. It also reminds me of the Ashoka's chapter in history where he planted many trees en route the roads for travelers and ensured that they had proper drinking water along with rest houses to rest during the journey.

Today, to prevent global warming and safeguard the environment, van-mahotsav is a key step. Those who do not plant trees and saplings should at least ensure that we save trees to protect mother nature.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 08/17/2011    Points:3    

Thanks a lot RS !We all enjoy What we do and it also gives us a lot of satisfaction to do something worthwhile !
In fact, here at mangalore it is a huge celebration with almost all governmental offices and banks etc taking part in it along with of course all the schools.Children go out distributing saplings to anyone who is willing to take care and grow the plants in their home,office or wherever...
Author: gaurisood        
Posted Date: 08/20/2011    Points:3    

It's really heartening to see this kind of initiative being taken for the environment .We all celebrate Valentine's Day ,Mother's Day ,Father's Day ,but sadly no day is a celebration devoted to our Mother Earth .I think these things should start at individual levels and then the change will be seen .

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