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Proper Care of the Respiratory System

September 06, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 590

Simple tips on how we can take care of our Respiratory System.


The respiratory system is as important as the other body system. When a part of the respiratory system has an ailment, it cannot function properly and the other parts are affected. Aside from gases that make up air, other substances may also be present in the air. These includes dust particles, salt particles, pollen grains, fumes from industry, emissions from motor vehicles, microbes (like viruses and bacteria), and spores of fungi and so on. Polluted air contains substances that are harmful to living things and the environment. Air pollution affects people mostly though the respiratory system. The people most at risk are those suffering from asthma, those who work in cement plants, feed mills and textile mills, street sweepers and traffic enforcers. If you have family who are exposed to air pollution in their workplace, remind them of the benefit of wearing a nose mask when they are on duty.

How can we take care of our respiratory system?

1. Most respiratory diseases are air-borne. It is important to breathe clean, fresh air. Cover your mouth and nose when you are in a crowed place or when the air is heavily polluted. Wearing a mask over the nose is now common in urban areas and in factories.
2. Cigarettes contain poisonous substances that are harmful to the respiratory organs, especially the lungs. Refrain from smoking.

3. Respiratory ailments are contagious. Colds and coughs are visible signs of most respiratory ailments. Do not stay too close to people who have them. When they cough or sneeze, germs are sure to be in the air. You may catch these germs and get sick, too.
4. Go to a place where the air is clean and do breathing exercises. These will help make your lungs strong and increase their capacity to hold air.

5. At first sign of a serious respiratory infection, consult a doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment will prevent complications. It is also necessary to treat any infection that affects the respiratory system to prevent it from becoming worse.

Sometimes a member of a family may have a respiratory ailment that confines him or her to bed. How should a person with a respiratory ailment be cared for? Make the patient comfortable. There should be enough light and air in the room. Provide the patient with proper diet and plenty of juices to drink. Give the patient daily sponge bath. This will help him or her feel comfortable. Help the patient take the prescribe medicine on time. Let the patient have enough rest. Change bed sheets and pillowcases daily.


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