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How to Save Money on Monthly Mobile Bills on your Smartphones

September 07, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.35   Views: 1231

What is the best way to save money on phone bills during tight budget? Here are some simple tips and tricks.


Mobile phones are now indispensable tools for communication, entertainment and travel. Smartphones have entered the market and revolutionized the concept of cellular phones. Earlier, phone was only useful for talking and making long distance calls. Now, people send SMS, picture messages via phones, exchange music, search for locations and addresses, use it as dictionary and play games.

Amidst all this, various providers offer competing services with data plans and attract customers with unique offers or discounts. Despite using competitive family plans, data plans and offers, people still worry about exceeding their monthly phone bills. What is the best way to save money on phone bills during tight budget? Here are some simple tips and tricks.

Using Internet for Calls and Text

If you have a Smartphone like iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile, all these can work with a WiFi too. When you are at home or any other places with free wireless internet, you can disable the data plan and connect to the free network. The smart phones will allow you send and receive calls and messages over internet too.

Download Free Calling Apps and Texting Apps for Phones

You might be familiar with various websites like iTunes, Android apps and other websites that offer free applications for your iPhone, Android phone and other smart phones. Most of the VoIP apps are free to download and install. Once you download such applications, you can make calls to friends; send SMS, or picture message free of cost. This reduces much of the phone bills and data plan usage. Hence, you save a lot of money otherwise spent on monthly phone bills.

Monitoring Mobile Bills for Smartphones

Now you can download free applications that will help to monitor your phone bills every month. They will warn when you are reaching the monthly limit of calls and texts or data plan usage. You can set alerts, enter the number of minutes or texts you want to send per month. If you seem to exceed the limit, this application will send an alert or notification to remind you not to do so.

Gaming on Phones and Monthly Bills

Mobile gaming can take a toll on the monthly phone bills for your mobile device. To save money on phone bills, avoid buying too many games from the online stores. Instead, download the free games and play. You can also set a limit if you wish to buy games and apps. Send automatic alerts if you seem to be crossing the spending limit.

Social networking, chats and emails can take toll on your monthly mobile phone bill. Now, you can save money on this too. There are free applications that allow you to use social media websites over wireless internet. Download such applications and save more on your data usage plan. All these tips will help you save money while you flaunt the Smartphone. You can still use social networking websites, texts and make calls over WiFi and save money on the cellular bills.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 09/12/2011    Points:1    

Excellent tips ! One has to practice thrift in every single aspect of life...
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 09/12/2011    Points:1    

Thanks a lot Ushaji, glad that you like the article and took time to leave your feedback!
Author: NikoLopez        
Posted Date: 09/27/2011    Points:4    

Great post.

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