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How to become a good child of your parents ?

July 04, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.65   Views: 6450

All parents want their child to be a good child . This article is regarding how to become a good child of your parents .


All parents want their child to be a good child . All parents want a child who is good at everything from studies to sports . All parents want their child to be some one who does what they want and fulfill all their dreams . A child also need to behave and do things according to their parents wish. This article is regarding how a child can become a good child in front of his parents.

Concentrate on studies and be Carrier oriented .

Every child must understand that every parent in the world will want their child to be good at studies . Every parent want their child to be the best in studies and better than others . If any child wants to make his parents very happy then he should concentrate hard on studies and bring a rank in class . Every parents want their child to be carrier oriented and all parents think about making their child a doctor or engineer . If you want to be a good child in front of your parents then you should be always carried oriented.

Be well mannered and always behave well .

If you want to be a good child in front of your parents then you should always be a good mannered child . You should never disargue or do something against your parents wish . Whenever guests come at your home you should be well mannered in front of them and whenever guests come at your home you should help your parents while serving the guests . All parents love a well mannered child.

Show your love to your parents .

If you want your parents to love you then you should also show your love to them and always be obedient to them . A child should be always ready to go out with parents with them and always listen to their orders and never go against them.

Complete your home work in time and never bunk .

No parents like to hear bad things or complains about their child . Always complete your home work and never bunk your school or tuitions So that no teacher will complain about you to your parents .No parents like a child who is always mischevious and of whom other people are always complaining.

All the children must remember that its easy to become a bad child in front of your parents but becoming a very good child in front of your parents is not so easy as no child likes studying a lot and there will be very few children who do not do mischevious things.

Author: Rakesh        
Posted Date: 07/05/2010    Points:2    

Previously Meean shocked for accepting her request. Now i am shocked. You always rocks Rockstar. You write very faster than anyone.
Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 07/05/2010    Points:2    

Thanks I get motivation due to your suggestions.I love people suggesting me and i also love people who find my mistakes So that i can improve.
Author: Rakesh        
Posted Date: 07/06/2010    Points:2    

Everyone loves suggestions!!! It keeps us motivating. people who gives suggestions loves us more.

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