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Lose Weight in effective way and your lifestyle

May 16, 2010  by: Amanda  Points: 50   Category: Health  Earning $2.00   Views: 1983

This article will explain how can we loose weight in a effective way by changing or lifestyle and other factors. We will all the aspect by which we can loose weight.


are schemes may be losing weight temporarily addressing the symptom: excess weight. But to find a definitive slender body in healthWe must go to the cause of the problem which is a complex combination of biochemical, physiological and psychological.


Fat is a protection element. Ask yourself the question: "What am I afraid to protect me so?" Or perhaps you compensate a loss of weight gain ...? Our inner attitude determines our physical appearance. Negative thoughts will inevitably build a body weakened and disharmonious. Similarly, a healthy attitude and enthusiasm, a winning attitude, will produce a body strong and healthy.


The adipose tissue in the body are necessary to protect not only against the elements but also against the invaders from within the toxins. Indeed, the toxic waste that we produced were absorbed or accumulated in us, in our organs, tissues and cells, especially where they can do the least harm in fat. Good cleaning is essential for optimal functioning of all our systems.


To function properly, our body needs many things, and this daily. If you lack some deficiencies that will develop, over time, may be harmful. Therefore a nutrition Quality is so important, especially since, nowadays, few people who do not suffer. In general, the deficiencies are so significant that it became necessary to take nutritional supplements if you want to get out. The food eaten should have a low glycemic index (except for raw fruits and vegetables), ie foods that are absorbed slowly and do not cause a rapid increase in the concentration of sugar in the blood. In addition, there should carbohydrates, proteins and fats in quantities and proportions.


For the body does not accumulate fat useless, it must be active because theexercise right dosage will burn excess fat. So, not to regain weight they lost, a good exercise program is essential. Such a program must be customized to focus on the development of muscle mass because it is the engine that burns fat. It is essential to adopt an active lifestyle and regular physical activity.


The accumulation of fat in the body is linked to carbon metabolism. The latter occurs mainly in sugars, fats and carbohydrates we should eat in moderation. If the combustion of carbon is not normally, because such a lack of oxygen or minerals, there may be decreased energy and increased body fat. On the other hand, it is important that the carbon is well digested and absorbed in the body can use it, otherwise it would be deposited as fat.


What is your goal, lose weight or gain a slender body and health? These two approaches are quite different: one is negative, the other positive. The result may look the same but this is not the same thing to lose fat while keeping his sick body than winning health by losing its excess fat forever, because a healthy body will never suffer from overweight.

Accept first your body as it is. It's you who have built. It is the culmination of a lifetime that you have behind you, thoughts, emotions and actions included. By denying, you disown yourself. Then, make a commitment to transform it into a perfect body, radiant health and well proportioned, forever. Then stick to your commitment.


In undertaking this approach, you start to become aware of your body, the principles that animate it, your emotions, your thoughts and links that exist between these different levels. By understanding what happens in you, you will realize the power you have and if you can use to change your life according to your will. Your motivation will be strong because you know that if you built this body you have today, you can also change.


It will perhaps not always easy. Therefore it is important to feel constantly argued (e) by his family, his family and friends. They must understand your approach and support you unconditionally.

On the other hand, take advantage of the help your naturo officer of health, naturopath or therapist can provide. This is primarily a teacher, a guide that helps you to do the job.


Take action! This is the hardest. Dive into the lake water: Water is perhaps a bit cold but so refreshing. Learn the rules and put them into practice. Follow your therapist's recommendations that are specific to your case. Above all, persevere. This is the key to your success.


The metabolic wastes as well as toxins from the environment that the organization has failed to eliminate can accumulate in fatty tissue for protection. Over there in the body, more body fat may be important.

It is essential to clean his disposal systems as well as its organs, tissues and cells. This is the first step to accomplish with the guidance of your therapist. The more your body will be clean inside, the more it will be functional and healthy.


Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body. It should give us all the elements we need for growth, operation and repair of our systems, that of quantity and quality coatings.


The energy we need is produced by the body from food called macronutrients: carbohydrates (carbohydrates), proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats). It is important to consume these foods in adequate amounts. If they are too large, there will be accumulation of energy reserves in adipose tissue, causing an increase in weight. If they are insufficient, the body reacts by storing energy as fat and retaining water to prevent dehydration, therefore, in the short term, weight gain. The ideal is to eat in moderation, but without much deprived.


Eating quality food is the foundation of a healthy diet. Follow the recommendations of your naturo-hygienist or naturopath, who is the person who can guide you in this area. For example, it is important that your foods are not artificially processed, you adhere to the combinations that your digestion is done normally.

Eat as much as possible Raw Foods. Soak the nuts before eating them. Eat lots Green and avoid high glycemic index foods (except fruit and raw vegetables).

On the other hand, the body needs Protein quality to be processed into amino acids to be used by the cells. If there is a shortage at this level, the amount of lean tissue and decrease water retention will increase, favoring weight gain.

It goes without saying that quality of micronutrients, MineralsVitamins, Antioxidants, enzymesEtc.. are also essential for a functional metabolism.

Beware of acidic or acidifying foods that tend to increase theacidity body. Our program is designed to reduce the acidity, balance and promote optimal health.


Food should give us everything we need. But because of poor soils and industrial food processing, our minimum needs are not met. And even if we ate in perfectly, it would be hard to rebuild what years of poor nutrition have made: Considerable deficiencies. So today, nutritional supplements are they indispensable.


When the body lacks the essential micronutrients, it tends to require more food to address its deficiencies. We therefore eat more because the needs of the organization will not be satisfied since, in general, the modern foods, even the best, are deficient. Consequently, obesity will develop and persist. That's why supplements are essential micronutrients quality today.


Supplements these macronutrients quality strongly promote weight reduction by providing the body what it needs: quality of proteins.


Depending on your personal problems, some other supplements you may be advised.


Water is essential to life. Our body consists of 70% water and, because of metabolic processes, it eliminates a lot daily. It has therefore a constant need to renew it by water in adequate quantity and quality.

A water shortage will be considered by the agency as an attack on his integrity and for protection, he will store in its tissues. This water retention will increase weight.

The best way to counter this excess weight is to provide the body all the water it needs, ie, for most people, about 8 cups of pure water and 2 to 4 cups other liquids per day. Obviously, this quantity depends on various factors including sex, age, diet, level of intoxication, the level of activity, temperature and humidity. Listen to your body first: the thirst tells you if it needs water.

The quality of drinking water is essential for health and longevity of muscles, bones, organs, brain and all body fluids depend. Water is the primary vehicle used to transport nutrients to cells and waste disposal.

The best water from a stream or unpolluted source. Otherwise, use bottled water or filtered properly. Most water from a public water system is contaminated.


The fibers are carbohydrates that the body can not absorb but it uses the absorption of other carbohydrates in the blood. The latter, being slowed down, therefore penetrate slowly and do not trigger the secretion of large amounts of insulin. By cons, processed foods and have thus lost their fibers are rapidly absorbed and secreted insulin stores this sudden excess of glucose in adipose tissue, which causes weight gain.

The fibers are said to be soluble or insoluble. First serve for the absorption of carbohydrates, promote the harmonious development of the intestinal flora and absorbs acids and toxins. The insoluble fiber contribute to the processes of digestion and intestinal excretion.

Fibers are found in whole foods and unprocessed foods, especially fruits, vegetables and cereals. If your diet is low in fiber, it would be better to add in a quality supplement.


Reduce your weight can result in better control of energy: reducing calorie intake through better nutrition and increased calorie burning through physical activity sufficient. It is relatively easy to lose weight. The real issue is the resumption of weight. For this reason it is essential that the weight reduction program promotes increased muscle mass and development of a healthy body that does not accumulate fat. Physical activity must take all the necessary space.

An active lifestyle is part of health. The whole body must move to function properly, otherwise it stiffens and weakens. There are three types of exercises to do and all three are important:

Endurance activities strengthen the cardiovascular system and stimulate the production of energy: walking, golf, gardening, trampoline, cycling, skating, swimming, tennis, dance ...

Flexibility activities loosened the muscles and joints providing flexibility and ease: gardening, cleaning, stretching, trampoline, tai chi, golf, bowling, yoga, dance ...

The development activities of the force increases the ability of muscles and bones and erect posture: heavy work, trampoline, climbing, fitness ...

Physical activity increases the oxygen consumption of 12-20 times, which can mean exposure to oxygen gradient in the form of free radicals. For this reason, among others, we should take supplements of antioxidants.

Whatever your age or your condition, you must be active (Fri), especially if you want to reduce your weight.


A grade oxygen is sufficient for combustion of carbohydrates into the body. Without it, they will not be used and will accumulate as fat. It is for this reason that breathing must be complete and provide to the body while the clean air they need. Most people do not breathe.

Your naturo health officer, naturopath or a qualified coach will guide you in choosing appropriate exercises for your particular situation and respect your abilities. It will also make you practice breathing exercises that develop your lungs and increase the quality of your breathing.

Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/06/2010    Points:10    

This is a very good article and really helpful to the aft person who want to loose there weight.

I want to add some more points always every one talks that Take less calorie food,do exercise at Gym,go for jogging early morning,but some people may not get habituated with all these, but they can do only simple thing which is totally free of cost they do not have to pay any single money for that.

They should always use stairs instead of using Lift to go upper floors, which will cause lot of sweating and it will burn there calorie and they can loose some of weight.

So when ever you are getting chance use stairs and walk inside your home and go to your roof several times in a day to loose weight.
Author: Swethashenoy        
Posted Date: 07/20/2010    Points:1    

Yes indeed,this is such an informative article explaining all details about losing weight!
Author: EmPeE        
Posted Date: 09/06/2010    Points:1    

This is a very nice article about loosing weight effectively, keep it up and continue to write...
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 02/01/2011    Points:4    

Well, you have summarized the whole concept of weight loss in this article. This is a brilliant effort and quite inspiring too. Losing weight is a popular thing today. Everyone is becoming conscious of their appearance and body structure. Slim is in and fat is out today. Obesity, cardiovascular problems and other diseases can be kept at bay if we follow a good diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Hydrating and eliminating body toxins is a very important process as you rightly say in this article.
Author: Loraine Dela Cruz        
Posted Date: 02/06/2011    Points:3    

It is continually very influential to keep the body healthy. This resolve make up persuaded the other parts of the body to creation right while we application every day. Appreciation intended for this very informative and momentous article. Continually construct a very informative article so to other folks resolve benefit from the in order to you share.
Author: King        
Posted Date: 05/08/2011    Points:2    

What a big article. I can not read all the points. How did you collect all the informations? 2$ for this article is the correct amount. You deserve that amount. I can not write one article like this. I know that you worked hard to write this article.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 10/15/2015    Points:5    

Excellent article. Very informative as well. Over eating is the main reason for excess weight gain. Taking balanced diet is always good for good health. If we have over weight, easily we will be affected by different diseases. Always be careful of our weight. Keeping a weight checking machine at home is a necessity. Doing exercise daily is a very good method to maintain our weight in normal level. Walking is a natural way to reduce our weight. Doing yoga is also a good method for reducing weight. Life has no meaning if we do not have health. If we want to lead a healthy life, we have to maintain our weight in normal level.

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