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Significance and Reasons for Pet Blessing

October 04, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 615

The first weekend of October is observed with pet-blessing ceremonies in many of the Catholic churches. Do the animals which we keep as pets at home need such blessings?


What is the significance of pet blessing? Is there any reason behind it? Is it a superstitious idea to take the pets to church and get them blessed?

Autumn marks the change of climate from hot summer to cold winter. Change in climatic conditions affects every living being, including humans, animals and plants. The feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the great lover of nature, occurs in autumn, in October.

The feast of St. Francis of Assisi is celebrated on 4th October every year as per the Catholic Liturgical Calendar. His feast is observed as the Day of Ecology. St. Francis loved nature so much that he called every creature as his brother and sister. He even called the sun and moon as his brother and sister. Larks were flying over his head and birds were sitting on his shoulders. He was talking with birds and animals. Dogs and cats were his loving friends. He thanked God for all creatures. He sings and manifests God in his Canticle of the Creatures, "All praise to you, Oh Lord, for all these brother and sister creatures." It is quite fitting that the Church celebrates his feast with pet blessing and the procession of pet animals.

It is interesting to see the procession of pet creatures. During these days of pet blessing you can see animals, from dogs and cats to hamsters and even horses, being led to churches for a special ceremony called the blessing of pets.

On this day special prayers are said asking God's grace to keep the pets well and the pets brought to the church are blessed by the main celebrant. Passages from the Holy Bible about creation, God's love towards creatures, etc. read and meditated. Homilies are given making people realize the need of loving creatures as they are created by the Eternal Father of Love to live with humans.

P ets in human history

Pets have been our friendly and faithful companions from the very existence of life. It is stated that dogs have been man's domesticated pets animals even 10,000 years ago. Egyptian law killed humans for killing hounds. Ancient Romans kept dogs, cats, birds, etc. as their pets.

The significance of pet blessing

1) Through pet blessing we wish positively all good to the pets. It increases the love and concern towards them.

2) Pet blessing is manifestation of God's glory. We thank God for all His blessings to humanity through nature. When we bless something, we actually focus our attention on the perfection that God put into it when God created it which is also a kind of worshipping God.

3) Pet blessing is a kind of adding our positive energy to the positive energy that is already a part of it. Blessing of any kind decreases the negativity in it and increases the positive energy which is a part of the universe.

4) Pet blessing is also an occasion to gather together and share happiness together. It is also a kind os "Thanksgiving Day," to thank God and nature.

5) Pet blessing is a spiritual celebration to honor our loyal companions who live with us and love us unconditionally. It is quite encouraging to have the blessing ceremony at a house of worship, although it can take place anywhere.



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