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October 05, 2011  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 703

Life is like train. In train me meet with amount of person and separate from them. In life amount of person will come in our contacts and we forgot all after some time.


Life is like a train. Train which is goes their destination from departure. Number of passenger will meets you and amount of passenger separate from you forever. Some passengers will stay with us for some hours. We may be treating them as friends and share contact information. A short distance can bring change in your life and make journey unforgettable.

Ravi was reading a book on New Delhi Railway station. He looks on all direction for a while. All passengers are in crowd but alone.

It is announce that Puja express is late for two hours. Ravi was waiting for this train. Now it was problem for Ravi how to pass time. Delhi station is not new one for Ravi. Indeed railway station is mini India. Here we can see persons from all states. Here we can hear all speaking language of India.

Suddenly Ravi listen voice. Excuse me sir, I came here yesterday. I lost everything. I have the nothing in my hand. If I am alone I will live anyway. My wife and child are with me. What I do?

The person said sir, give some for this child. Please arrange some to eat for it. He doesn't eat anything since morning. I do not want anything for me. Ravi saw a woman aged about 35 year sitting behind a wall. She was looking to Ravi with hopeful eyes.
The person is of 40 years old. He is disappointed. From his clothes he is looking from a well to do family.

Ravi faced many times this situation. Such type of scenes is not new for Ravi on public places. Indeed stage artists took motivation from these scenes. Ravi has many bitter experiences of these. He was not in mood to melt.

The person doesn't speak any word after. But his face is speaking many words, word of silence. Indeed he is disappointed and helpless person.

Ravi wants to drink tea. He went to cafe and order for tea. Waiter brings tea. Tea was not tasty. He left it. For a moment he thinks about that crying child with hunger.
Ravi sat on a chair. Suddenly he listens some noises. These are from milk counter. The person was now requesting to milkman for some milk. Milk man shouted on that person "I have not milk for you".

Ravi said to himself why I am looking there. Let us have some food. It is hard for Ravi to forget face of child. Ravi orders for a Vega biryani. He decides to eat it on the platform.

Ravi sits on a long bench. Just he is removing cover of plate he listens some voice from the next bench. It is of that lady. We will go back without ticket. Plz arrange first some to eat for this child. I will request to milk man. Once it eats some, we will not stay here for a moment. Man was silent. He may be lost his power of doing or saying anything.

Ravi covers plate and offers it to couple. Silence salute to silence. Expressions of faces were speaking everything. They were accepts biryani with tears in eyes.
Information of arrival of train announced. Ravi was forward in direction of train. He was feeling peace and satisfaction. After adjusting on his reserve seats Ravi was seen it from window. The couple was going to general coach with biryani plate in their hand.
Ravi thinks that life is like a train. The old seniors replace by new seniors while train is running. I saw here may be replaced by new one.


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