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Factors Affecting Delegation of Authority in an Organization

October 05, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 13687

Delegation is a two-sided pattern of authority. It needs adjustments and sacrifices from both delegator and the delegant to accomplish organization's goals. Few Factors affect the delegation of authority.


Delegating means giving or conferring. When a manager grants authority to subordinates to accomplish a task, the process is delegation of authority in an organization. Managers tend to allocate a considerable amount of their workload to their subordinates. This establishes an authority pattern between subordinates and superiors. Delegating authority is necessary for efficiency in an organization.

Delegation is a two-sided pattern of authority. It needs adjustments and sacrifices from both delegator and the delegant to accomplish organization's goals. Few Factors affect the delegation of authority. They are-

1) Delegator or superior's view (aspect)
2) Subordinate or Delegant's aspect of view
3) Organizational aspect

1) Delegator's aspect

If manager loves his authority, he may not be effective in granting authority to subordinates. He will fear the advancement of subordinates.

Love for Authority

Manager with autocratic nature might not want to delegate authority to subordinates. He will like to feel important and force subordinate employees to come to him frequently for decision approvals. Such managers will not want to share workload or delegate authority.

Fear of Subordinate Advancement

Manager may not have interest in delegation of authority if he fears subordinate having good performance and competence. He may also oppose authority delegation, fearing that he may lose a good subordinate. Manager may also fear that the subordinate may be a contender for manager's post if he gets more authority.

Fear of Exposure

Superior may not delegate enough authority for fear of exposure of his shortcomings as a manager. Hence, managers refrain from best practices in order to maintain their authority.

Attitude towards Subordinates

Delegating authority needs adequate amount of trust between the subordinates and superiors. Lack of confidence among subordinates can negatively affect delegation of authority.

Superior's Experience and Personality

Superior who works his way through the corporate ladder will be more efficient in delegating authority to subordinates than autocratic managers.

2) Delegant's Asp ect

If subordinates lack responsibility, it also negatively affects delegation of authority. Here are factors pertaining to the delegant.

Fearing Criticism

If subordinate thinks that the manager will take away all credit, he may not have interest in taking the authority.

Lack of Resources

Without proper information and resources, subordinates will hesitate in taking up authority given by the superiors. With scarcity of resources, unclear information, subordinates will not take up the authority for fear of doing an inefficient job.

Lack of Self-confidence

When subordinates fear criticism or loss of job, they will show poor self-confidence and that is not a positive aspect for delegation of authority.

Lack of rewards and Incentives

Without motivating factors like rewards and incentives, subordinates will have no interest in taking authority delegated by superiors.

3) Organizational Asp ect

At times, organizational factors also play a key role in authority delegation. Companies with centralized authority will not encourage delegating authority to subordinates whereas a decentralized management encourages delegation of authority.


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