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Fight Against the Frightening Allergies of Fall

October 06, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 23   Category: Health    Views: 568

Many people think that only spring brings allergies since blossoming of flowers cause the spread of pollen. In fact, fall is also a season of allergies by carrying allergy pollens of plants such as ragweed.


When summer changes into fall the atmosphere of cold countries change. In the US, fall starts with cheers of soccer and pumpkins. But it brings another worse season for people of allergy. Reports say that more than 35 million Americans are affected by allergies and it costs the U.S. economy more than 7 billion dollars in lost productivity.

Allergies caused in fall

People of inhale-allergy suffer very much during the changing periods of seasons. In the spring, blossoming flowers spread allergens into air which travel hundreds of miles causing troubles to people. During fall, flowers fade and leaves fall. They are crunched on ground and the dust is spread in wind, polluting the air. One of the main causes of fall allergies is created by ragweed plant. Studies say that a single ragweed plant can produce one billion pollen grains per season. It grows abundantly throughout the country spreading its weightless pollen grains that can travel up to 400 miles in the wind. There are many other plants in the US such as pigweed, goldenrod, curly dock, lamb's quarters, sheep sorrel, and sagebrush which also cause allergies during fall.

Besides these plants, there are molds that create troubles in fall. Mold can thrive in damp areas, both indoors and outdoors and cause allergy. There are also dust mites which are microscopic organisms and are most prevalent during the humid summer months and settle inside house in places like furnace. When wind blows in fall they are stirred into the air and cause you sneeze.

Tips to fight against fall allergies

1) If you are allergic, you should be very careful about the wind, especially in the morning. Pollen of ragweed and many other plants are released in the morning and are spread in the wind. Hence, allergic people find it very hard to manage fall mornings. Cover your face to protect from pollen attack. You may use a face mask when you are outside, particularly, in the mornings. You should take extra protection on windy days.

2) Keep the windows and doors closed to avoid pollen settling inside rooms. Keep your yards and gutters clean by removing the decayed leaves.

3) When you go out pollen may settle on your hair and skin. It is advisable to take a shower before you go to bed. See also if pollen has settled on your bed.

4) Cover crops can reduce the nuisance of plants like ragweed. Cover crops such as rye, buckwheat, or a mix of field peas can be planted after harvest to avoid weeds taking root. They also keep the soil healthy for next season.

5) Check the pollen counts in the mornings. The National Allergy Bureau maintains a database of pollen counts online, which will help you check the allergen levels in your place as well as at vacation destinations you may travel.

As far as allergy is concerned, prevention is better than cure. Instead of suffering after getting infected by allergens, it is prudent to protect yourself from them as much as possible.



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