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Teach Children to Love the Earth

October 06, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Science    Views: 897

The earth is the mother of every living being, living on it. The earth nourishes every living being with food, water and air on it. Every child should learn the importance of Mother Earth.


Earth is our Mother. She breast-feeds us with her water and vegetation. If we keep her well she will keep us hale and healthy. Children of today will be the citizens of tomorrow and rule this earth. They should be aware of the value of Mother Earth and learn to protect her. They should be given opportunities to learn about the environment awareness. Opportunies such as "the earth day" can teach them love earth.

Ten kinds of activities for children

Children have a great part in maintaining the earth in good condition. Activities of earth Day can enlighten them responsible in protecting the earth. It is the duty of the parents, teachers and others to teach children make this earth beautiful into an earthly heaven.

1) Several activities of fun

There are several activities through which children can make Earth Day memorable and fruitful throughout their life. The Earth Day activities for children can be fun, educational, adventurous, creative, or can make a good time to go on a picnic or field trip.

2) Just initiate activities

Children are very cute. They will be very happy to be involved in various activities if they are properly motivated. Let them use their imagination and creativity. Create opportunities for children's participation in those activities connected to Earth Day. They can be engaged individually or in groups. They can undertake projects in communities.

3) Arrange creative projects

Creative crafts projects can be arranged for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and high school children. Children can be encouraged to use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc.

4) Awareness competitions

Various competitions can be arranged to encourage environment awareness. Children are quite interested to exhibit their talents. Painting, essay-writing, creative mono-act, debate, etc. are some of the methods to make the occasion lively.

5) Make the children involve their senses

Modern lifestyle has tied the children to chairs and sofas watching TV or games. But actually they love to go out, play and enjoy nature. Teach them to enjoy the beauty of nature, displayed in attractive colors. Encourage playing games of tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and touching the wonders of nature. Let them know about different herbs and spices.

6) Let the children adopt plants and trees

Children will be very happy to plant trees and adopt them. Plant a tree movement has been successful throughout the world. Children love to care their own vegetation and protect the eco system healthy.

7) Recycling games

Recycling games are really funny. They help children learn and earn. They explain children why they should not throw everything in the trash and what fun things come out of recycled materials. They will surely be charmed to find yogurt cups becoming toothbrushes, plastic things becoming playground materials and juice pouches changed into cool bags. Reconstructing recyclables, reusing them and re-engineering everyday materials into creative things will be really funny and informative.

8) Visits and field trips

Visits to parks and field trips to local farms can give eco-awareness. The children will be excited to know from where their food comes. Picking up dinner from a Farmer's Market will make it enjoyable. They can be guided to utilize leftovers, by starting a compost pile.

9) Energy conservation campaigns

Optimum use of energy should have an important place in eco-green programs. Developing the sense of good energy conservation habits has become inevitable in the modern world. Awareness of global warming also needs their attention.

10) Involve children in go green movements

Awareness about toxic chemicals can be introduced through Earth Day programs. Children should be aware of the toxic chemicals used in their environment.



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