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Human Resource Planning in Management

October 07, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 775

Human resource planning estimates the volume and composition of a company's work force. Such a planning also helps the organization to find the right kind of experienced employees when the need arises.


Human resources are an integral part of any organization. People or employees in the organization are essential to meet organization's goals. Thus, we can define human resource management as organizing the activities of planning human resource needs, recruiting, selecting, development of human resources, compensation and performance evaluation to fill the organization's needs.

Human resource planning involves five key activities-

Human resource planning
Training and development
Compensation and
Performance appraisals

Human Resource Planning

Considering the future human resource needs of an organization based on its strategic plans, is called human resource planning. Human resource planning estimates the volume and composition of a company's work force. Such a planning also helps the organization to find the right kind of experienced employees when the need arises.

It is possible to classify human resource planning into three categories- Forecasting work force demand, forecasting work force supply and human resource actions.

Forecasting work force demand

It assesses the number of experienced people that an organization will require in future.

Forecasting work force supply

When employees leave an organization, the company's management needs to explore both internal and external sources to find replacements.

1) Internal Labor Supply

Internal labor supply includes transferring or promoting employees within the organization. Within internal labor supply process, there are three more categories- skills inventory, replacement planning and succession planning.

a) Skills Inventory - it is a computer database of employee's basic information and helps to evaluate the future requirements of the organization.

b) Replacement Planning - it is the process by which, an enterprise tries to identify suitable candidates for filling the managerial positions.

Management uses an inventory chart to identify easily, the potential candidates for managerial positions, replacement positions, and age of employees. This chart provides clarity regarding the availability of work force for an organization. It also identifies poorly performing employees and can assist in training or replacing such employees.

c) Succession Planning - unlike replacement planning, succession planning identifies certain candidates in the organization, provides them training so that they can handle key assignments and grow as potential managers in the long term.

2) External Labor Supply

Factors like population, economic conditions, education of employees, government policies etc. have an effect on external labor supply. External labor supply sources include recruitment consultants, advertisements, employee referrals etc.

Human Resource Actions

Matching human resource demand and supply fall under human resource actions.

When businesses have very low demand and supply of work force, then it needs to reorganize its policies since there might be a saturation of work force in such organizations.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 10/08/2011    Points:2    

A well-analysed study on human resource management. Thank you friend. In the computer era, it needs to be studied and utilized in better ways. Work force, production, and distribution of wealth and products have to be balanced in an optimum level to maintain a prosperous society.

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