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Facebook Timeline..... felt like i am writing my auto biography

October 08, 2011  by: Krishna Kumar  Points: 8   Category: Blogging    Views: 635

Recently Facebook has introduced the timeline for the personal profile which makes our profile to look as a series of happenings in which all our childhood to present day can be visualized.


The INNOVATIONS are as said by someone to be endless, in the way the FACEBOOK CEO MARK has given a new trendy look for our fb profile which gives us the unique way of writing our auto biography simply adding photos and it happens just by what ever we do daily.

Suppose some day we have posted a status which became popular like your marriage, then it is automatically picked up by the app based on our profile data available. If we did like to have a profile and navigate to our brother or sisters birthday photos may be after ten years or so which we have uploaded once upon a time, then this timeline is simply terrific in moving back to that date in no time when we navigate to that month and year.

All the happenings that we updated once and our hangouts with friends also gets updated with various exciting moments that can be remembered forever and ever.

Everyone enjoy this TIMELINE and have a great time. Enjoy !!

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 10/11/2011    Points:2    

It is true that FB is a good diary to remind us the dates we should be aware of. It is introducing many useful and attractive changes. Thanks for the interesting article.

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