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Ten Tips to Consider Before You Buy Sweets

October 09, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Others    Views: 693

You buy sweets for children, especially during these festival days. Sweets, especially chocolates, are the favorites of children. They go on eating them until they are stopped. Consider these tips before purchasing.


Children are very fond of sweets. It is good if they have them in a limited way. But if they are addicted to them it becomes very dangerous and causes health hazards. Moreover, commercialism of today's market makes the profit-oriented traders to promote even unhealthy products. In countries like India, traders do not follow any ethics in promoting their sales. Hence it is very essential to follow certain tips before you purchase sweets for your kids.

Ten tips for you before you purchase sweets

1) It is quite essential to ensure that the sweets you buy are clean worth -eating. If they are not clean they may become sources of diseases. The place you buy sweets should be legitimate and trustworthy.

2) Check if the sweets contain banned ingredients. It is better to buy well-known brands which usually follow the norms of sweet production for children.

3) We have to be careful even with the branded products since researches reveal that the chemicals we use daily are actually becoming more and more hazardous. Products of lower quality may contain such chemicals.

4) You should be careful about imitations since modern commercial trend is to promote sales through such things. They may be tasty, but can be very dangerous to health.

5) While buying sweets, check them if they are properly packed. Check also the date of manufacture and the expiry date to check their quality. If it has been on the shopkeeper's shelf for a long time, do not purchase it.

6) Look carefully if there is any discoloration or leakage on the package. Do not buy it even if the shopkeeper may offer you at a reduced price.

7) Individual sweets should be properly wrapped and free from contamination. The sealed cellophane paper covering the box or package ensures that the sweets are not contaminated after production.

8) See also where the sweets are stored. They should be kept in hygienic conditions free from contamination and insects.

9) If you find any adverse reaction with any sweet, preserve the remaining portion of sweets and send it for analysis. Make it a point to lodge a complaint against the shop where you purchased the product.

10) Sometimes even the best quality sweets may be harmful to some children. Try to find out the reasons and avoid them. Nutritionists insist that too many sweets can lead to obesity and other health hazards. Frequent consumption of chocolate can cause toothache and cavities in the teeth.



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