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Significance of Performance Appraisal and Approaches of Performance Appraisal

October 10, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 728

Main reason of performance appraisal is- to positively influence the organization development and employee performance. Moreover, performance appraisals also help in decisions on pay hikes, planning future goals, promotions of employees and considering training and development activities for employees.


Performance appraisal is the method by which organization measures employee performance by evaluating and recording actually employee performance against predetermined standards. Then, based on this information, managers provide critical and constructive feedback to the employees. Main reason of performance appraisal is- to positively influence the organization development and employee performance.

Moreover, performance appraisals also help in decisions on pay hikes, planning future goals, promotions of employees and considering training and development activities for employees. Other objectives of appraisals include- employee feedback on work done, improving performance, identifying potential skills, decisions on promoting employees, compensation planning, recruitment planning and validating selection process of employees.

Formal and Informal Appraisals

In informal appraisal, manager mentions particular job was done poorly or well soon after job was performed or during the performance. In informal appraisal, constant feedback is provided regarding employee performance. Close interactive relation between behavior and feedback. It encourages desirable professional behavior and prevents undesirable behavior.

Formal Appraisal

Formal appraisals take place annually, semi-annually or on systematic basis. It involves evaluating employees not only on present performance but also on ability to handle different types of tasks in future. Four basic approaches for formal performance appraisals are-

- Superior Rating Subordinates - Here, superiors rate performance of their subordinates. It is the most common approach followed in most organizations.

- Group of Superiors rating Subordinates - a managerial committee or a group of managers use individual rating forms to rate a subordinate. It can be more effective than first method since it contains more feedback.

- Peer Assessment - Here, the colleagues or peer group rates the employee. People working at same levels need to rate one another. It is a rare method, since it is highly subjective.

- Subordinate Rating Managers - Here, subordinates rate the managers for their performance.

Another approach other than these four methods is the "360 degree appraisal" where peers, subordinates and managers evaluate an employee's performance. This is more like a combination of all four methods mentioned above.

The effectiveness of formal appraisal system depends on quality of techniques put to use. These include standards, information and corrective methods.


Standards are criteria on which employee performance is measured. Management should pay adequate attention while defining standards. Employee goals should align with that of the organizational goals.

Information needed to appraise an employee is available through sources, schedules and other methods like- superiors, subordinates feedback, individuals outside the environment, suppliers, channel partners etc.

Schedule of Appraisal

Time and frequency of appraisal depends on situation and aim of appraisal. If appraisals happen too often, then the employee is unable to use the feedback to improve performance. Appraisals should be like continuous processes that focus on attaining organization goals as well as personal development of the employee.

Appraisal Methods

The best and simple method to gather information for appraisal includes manager's observations about subordinate employee performance. However, it can sometimes be subjective and influenced by emotions. Other methods include filling forms by managers. These forms are documents that evaluate employee performance for the appraisal period. It can be more objective. New performance rating methods include graphic rating scales and behavior anchored rating scales.

Corrective Action or Final Stage

After assessing performance and evaluation completes, if performance falls below set standards, corrective action is mandatory. It includes training and development programs that focus on performance improvement.


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