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Divine Food Pots For Babies

October 11, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Food & Drinks    Views: 691

God has provided everything for survival in nature. He has given mother's milk as an excellent elixir of life. It is the best and perfect baby food. It contains everything for the healthy growth of the baby.


Breast milk is unquestionably the best food for the newborn baby. It is nutritious and provides immunity to the baby to resist infections. The first think the baby seeks is to have its tummy full.

The natural benefits of breast milk

1) Research shows that breastfeeding protects babies from gastrointestinal problems and upper respiratory infections which they have through bottle feeding.

2) The yellowish breast milk that is discharged within a few days of delivery is nutritionally and calorifically very rich, containing antibodies to help the baby to fight infections.

3) Breastfeeding safeguards babies from various diseases and infections like childhood cancers, allergies, infant diabetes, asthma, and even from sudden infant death.

4) Breast milk has a correct combination of proteins which is easily digested by the baby and is an ideal food for the baby. When compared to the formula milk, breast milk is liked by the baby and causes less vomiting in babies.

5) Breastfed babies are more active and mentally sharp. They have less health problems when they grow. They also have a lower tendency to gain excess weight.

6) Breastfed babies have less problems comparing to bottle-fed ones. Usually breastfed babies have two or three bowel movements. A good breastfeeding cn be judged by checking the diapers which become wet 6 to 8 times a day. If it is less it means that the baby is underfed and may be susceptible to dehydration.

7) Studies show that breastfeeding has much to do with intelligence and that breastfeeding has a positive effect on the child's IQ. The breastfed children seem to be more advanced in IQ tests.

Breastfeeding helps the mother too

1) Breastfeeding is good for mom also. It has been proved through various researches that breastfeeding moms have less chance of ovarian or breast cancer.

2) Breastfeeding helps the mom to reduce her fat. Nursing melts fat and about 500 calories are burned daily in providing milk. This helps moms to control their weight and get rid of the stored fat.

3) Breastfeeding keeps mom's mind balanced. Satisfying the baby's needs through breastfeeding can be a very uplifting emotion.

Although breastfeeding has its own challenges and troubles, it is a divine task that fills the mom's heart with sweet memories. It is the culmination of dedication and love.



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