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How to prevent ebook theft

October 14, 2011  by: mohammedaslam  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 961

The article explains ways to prevent ebook theft on internet.


Many people make a living by selling e-books on affiliate networks like ClickBank or Commission Junction or on other selling platform on internet. Selling e-book is a very good way of making money online at the comfort of your home. Generally, people who are experts in a particular field offer their advices and expertise knowledge in the form of an e-book for a price. However, it has been found that many people are experiencing the problem of e-book theft. The hard earned money of e-book writers are stolen by online robbers. This makes the e-book writer frustrated who took all the pains in writing the e-book. So, how to prevent e-book theft? There are two basic things to do to prevent e-book theft.

1. Protect your e-book with copyright act

Copyright offers protection to your work from being copied. When you own copyright over a particular work, you have the right to create any number of copies of that work in any form you like. You can either register copyright over your wok or use the word copyright with your name for your published work. If you formally register for copyright, you can claim compensation from the offender in case your work is stolen. However, you have to pay fees to formally register your copyright. But the fees paid are worth, if you want to get compensated for the stolen work.

If you don't want to pay fees for formal registration, you should at least let the world know that you own the work. Include a copyright statement at the bottom page of your e-book. This will make it clear that you hold rights over the e-book. But there is no surety that your work will not be stolen. Moreover, you can't be assured that you will receive any kind of compensation from the offender for stealing your work. However, it makes clear to those who may be tempted to copy your work that they don't have the right to copy. This in turn reduces the chances of your e-book being copied by potential robbers to certain extent.

2. Protect you e-book from illegal downloads

Most of the people experience illegal downloads of their e-books. Many hackers hack the download links of the e-book page easily. Then they sell those e-books in their own name and earn money. This makes the creator of e-book frustrated who don't receive money from these illegal selling of their e-books. In order to avoid this, it is better to get free software available on the internet or buy the one from a reputed merchant that protects illegal downloads of e-books. Such software protects the download page of your e-book. The hackers won't be able to break the codes of the download page of your e-book and you get relief from illegal downloads. This avoids illegal downloads and reselling of your e-book online.

People who are e-book writers must follow these two things as they are very effective in preventing the theft of e-book on internet.


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